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Pidato Bahasa Inggris Menyentuh Dengan Tema Hari Pahlawan


Dalam suatu kondisi, ada kalanya kita ingin atau perlu menyampaikan sebuah pidato dalam Bahasa Inggris. Misalnya saja sebagai bentuk ujian praktek Bahasa Inggris di sekolah. Terkadang guru kita akan meminta kita menyiapkan dan mempresentasikan pidato Bahasa Inggris yang telah kita buat, untuk kemudian di ambil nilainya dan di masukkan kedalam nilai ujian praktek sekolah.

Atau bisa jadi kamu saat ini sedang mengikuti sebuah perlombaan pidato Bahasa Inggris, tentunya kamu harus bisa menyiapkan sebuah pidato yang baik dan menarik, sehingga kamu akan mendapatkan penilaian yang baik pula dari para juri. Nah, apapun alasannya dan apapun keperluanmu, dengan membaca contoh Pidato Bahasa Inggris bertema hari pahlawan ini, mudah mudahan bisa kamu jadikan contoh atau pun sumber inspirasi untuk menyelesaikan teks pidato Bahasa Inggris yang sedang kamu kerjakan. – Bigbanktheories.com

Contoh Speech Dalam Bahasa Inggris
Pidato Bahasa Inggris Dengan Tema Hari Pahlawan

Contoh Pidato Bahasa Inggris Tentang Pahlawan

Assalamualaikum wr.wb

Good morning everyone.

First of all, I’d like to thank God for his blessing and opportunity so that we can meet here in this very special occasion.

The honourable Adjudicator

The honourable committee

The honourable Teacher

And all of my beloved friends. / And all of my dearest speech competition participant.

Today, I’d like to present my speech with the title “Be a great nation through commemorating National Heroes Day”

Ladies and Gentlemen,

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Today is November 10th. This is the day where we annually celebrate the national heroes day. But, it is not actually a celebration. Because, what do we really celebrate every year on this day ? The death of hundreds of our people ? or did we celebrate the war, the catastrophic event which cost us hundreds of life ? is it relly what we are celebrating every year ? The answer is “No”, we are not celebrating anything today, but we are “commemorating”.

Today we commemorate the deed of our heroes. What does it mean ladies and gentlemen ? It means that, today we rember that what we have right now is the result of their fight, of their endless effort to take back, to regain, and to reclaim our nation’s freedom from the colonial. And today, is the day where we take our time to think back about the reason behind the fight of our heroes, about why did they ready to sacrifice their life to claim the freedom for our country, and also to understand about the concept of freedom that they had fought so hard to get.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

What is a freedom for you ? is it the right to do anything you want ? like smoke weed at the school ? Or is it the right to have anything, so that you can take other person’s belonging as you wish ? or is it the right to think and talk freely ? so free that we can say anything that hurt other people, disrespecting other country, other religion, or other race without taking responsibility about it ? Right, the answer is “No”, this is not a freedom. Because if this is the definition of freedom, then the whole world will be in a chaos.

At the moment, during the fight of our heroes and the colonial government. The concept of freedom is pretty simple, that is to sent the colonial government away from our land, and take back our country, so that we can rule it ourself for the betterment of the people. Now, that we already have this land, and this country as ours, but did we really have our freedom ? The ansewer is “Yes” we had our freedom, but something that we also have to realize is that the concept of freedom has change over time, and it is our duty, our mission, and our responsibility to keep it.

Why has it changed ? because the challenge that we face right now is different of what our ancestor faced during the colonial age. The chalange that we face right now is how we keep the freedom for us without violating other people freedom in the same time. And that is the reason why, there is always limitation in freedom, not to make the freedom to be less free, but to make it well organize so everyone will have the freedom equally.

To do so, is not only the responsibility of the government as the policy maker, but also our responsibility as the people of Indonesia. We need to work together hand in hand to achieve this goal, to create the condition where everyone will be able to feel their freedom and feel save. Because without the people awareness on this matter, all of the policy and regulation made by the government will only be a text in a book. As the citizen of Indonesia, We have to realize, that we have our freedom, we can do anything, but other people have the same right and we have to respect it. Only by this, our country will be a great nation.

All of this awareness will not be achieved if we never think and realize that we have to be gratefull of our condition in Indonesia right now, we can have a place to live, and we have the government who protect us, and more importantly we don’t have to face a war. And all of this can only be achieved because of the effort of our national heroes who fought for our Independence. And to be aware of our mission to show respect to each other freedom is the way we show our gratitude to our national heroes.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

And for the closing, I want you to know that, we don’t have to do a lot of complicated things to achieve our mission. We just need to do one thing, and it is to “do your best” in anything you do. So if you are a student, study seriously and achieve anything you can as a student. If you are a teacher, be the best teacher, keep learning because science is evolving, and your student need to know that. And whoever you are, what ever you do, remember “do your best” because that is the way to feel your freedom, and that is the way to say thanks to our national heroes, and finaly, that is what will make our country great.

That’s all that I want to share today, thank you very much for your time and attention. I am sorry if there is an inappropriate word in my speech.

Wassalamualaikum wr.wb

Good morning.

Nah sobat, itulah tadi salah satu contoh pidato Bahasa Inggris tentang hari pahlawan. Jika kamu membutuhkan contoh pidato diatas sebagai contoh untuk mengembangkan pidato mu, silahkan gunakan dengan senang hati. Kami pun sangat senang jika artikel yang kami bagikan bisa bermanfaat. Selamat bersiap siap menghadapi pidato mu, mudah mudahan kamu tidak grogi, dan sampai jumpa lagi.

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