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Pengen Bisa Kuliah? Cobain Nih Prediksi Soal SBMPTN 2016


Mendekati test SBMPTN tahun ini prediksi soal SBMPTN sangat banyak dicari, dan pastinya semua siswa SMA dan SMK sekarang rajin mengerjakan contoh soal SBMPTN. Baik di sekolah, di tempat bimbel SBMPTN, ataupun dirumah pembahasan tentang soal SBMPTN pasti akan sangat ramai dibicarakan.

Karena soal – soal SBMPTN adalah test yang akan menentukan dimana kita akan melanjutkan pendidikan ke jenjang Perguruan Tinggi atau Universitas. Melalui tes SBMPTN ini lah siswa siswi lulusan SMA dan SMK akan bersaing dengan pelajar se-Indonesia untuk mendapatkan kesempatan belajar di Universitas yang mereka inginkan.

Itulah sebabnya prediksi atau contoh kisi – kisi soal SBMPTN mulai banyak bermunculan di mana – mana. Disamping itu, beberapa bulan menjelang tes SBMPTN ini, siswa siswi yang kelas 3 SMA atau SMK mulai sibuk menyiapkan diri untuk menghadapi test ini. Ada yang dibimbing mengerjakan soal SBMPTN di sekolah, ada yang mencari pembahasan soal SBMPTN di bimbel, ada juga yang beli buku kumpulan soal SBMPTN, bahkan banyak juga yang mencari contoh soal SBMPTN di internet.

Tim bigbanktheories ingin ikut berbagi Contoh Soal SBMPTN yang mungkin bisa menjadi prediksi soal SBMPTN 2016. Seperti biasa, contoh soal yang akan dibahas kali ini adalah contoh soal SBMPTN tentang Bahasa Inggris saja. Sekarang, ayoo kita kerjakan contoh soal SBMPTN Bahasa Inggris dibawah ini, setiap soal sudah dilengkapi dengan jawaban lho, jadi sobat akan lebih mudah memahaminya. – Bigbanktheories.com

Kisi - Kisi Soal SBMPTN
Prediksi Soal SBMPTN 2016

Contoh Soal SBMPTN Bahasa Inggris Dan Jawabannya

Text 1

Over this decade, employment (jabatan) in jobs requiring education beyond a high school diploma will grow more rapidly than employment in jobs that do not; of the 30 fastest growing occupations (pekerjaan), more than half require post secondary education. With the average earnings of college (universitas) graduates at a level that is twice as high as that of workers with only a high school diploma, higher education is now the clearest 1) . . . . . into the middle class.

In higher education, the U.S. has been outpaced (terdepan) internationally. In 1990, the U.S. ranked first in the world in four-year degree attainment (pencapaian) among 25-34 year olds; today, the U.S. ranks 12th. We also suffer from a college attainment gap (jarak), as high school graduates from the wealthiest families in our nation are almost certain to continue on to higher education, while just over half of our high school graduates in the poorest quarter of families attend college. And while more than half of college students graduate within six years, the 2) . . . . . for low-income students is around 25 percent.

Acknowledging (mengetahui) these factors early in his administration (pemerintahan), President Obama challenged every American to commit to at least one year of higher education or post-secondary training. 3) . . . . . that America would once again have the highest proportion of college graduates in the world by 2020.

Choose the best option!

1.A. Effort

    B. Position

    C. Advantage

    D. Pathway

    E. Beginning

Jawaban : D. Pathway

2. A. Academic capacity

     B. Completion rate

     C. Learning achievement

     D. Logical understanding

     E. Intellectual development

Jawaban : B. Completion rate

3. A. Americans will deserve higher education for their future

     B. The president has set up a new educational goal for the country

     C. American students are suggested to take entrepreneurial skills

     D. The government recommends Americans for college education

     E. Middle class Americans are invited to provide financial aids

Jawaban : B. The president has set up a new educational goal for the country

Text 2

If droughts (kemarau), floods (banjir) and wildfires (kebakaran hutan) are the criminal, climate change is the accomplice (kaki tangan). This is how the population must begin regarding global warming, experts said at a session at the annual American Academy for the Advancement of Science meeting here. Although extreme weather events, from the creeping (menjalar) drought that scorched (hangus) last year’s corn crop to Superstorm Sandy, are worrisome, automatically and simplistically tying them to the scientific phenomenon of climate change could be misleading (menyesatkan).

Last year’s drought in Texas, for example, could not be specifically tied (dihubungkan) to climate change, said John Nielsen-Gammon, the Lone Star State’s climatologist. Over the past century there has been an increase in rainfall, not a tendency (kecenderungan) toward dryness, over most of Texas by about 10 percent. “Changing climate has not contributed to the lack of rainfall over the long term, as of yet,” he said. Last year’s drought, much like the famed (terkenal) Dust Bowl drought of the 1930s and another significant drought in the 1950s, is tied to rising sea surface temperatures in the Pacific Ocean, the weather event known as la Nina. “Until we see a long-term decrease in rainfall in Texas, it will be hard to say that climate change has caused a decrease,” Nielsen-Gammon said.

Temperatures have risen in Texas, meaning the increased rainfall is being evaporated (menguap) at more rapid rate, he added. But before the drought, which continues to seize (merampas) more than half of the lower 48 states, heat was a drought accelerant (pemercepat) but not the main cause.

4. Pharagraph 1 and 2 are related in that they . . . . .

     A. Predict climate changes causal to the lack of rainfall

     B. Offer horrible climate changes to temperature increases

     C. Discuss drought which have no connection to climate changes

     D. Present extreme weather events which frequently turn up

     E. Explicate that people have been wrong on climate change

Jawaban : E. Explicate that people have been wrong on climate change

5. The following statement is relevant with the idea of climate changes described in the text, except . . . . .

     A. Heat can result from ongoing rise of temperature

     B. Drought and climate change are mistakenly understood

     C. Often high temperatures cause increased rainfall in Texas

     D. The lesser rainfall makes the drought spread even greater

     E. Drought and rising sea surface temperature are interrelated

Jawaban : A. Heat can result from ongoing rise of temperature

6. About climate change, the author assumes that . . . . .

     A. The rainfall significantly turns up after Dust Bowl drought

     B. Climate changes continues to extensively progress everywhere

     C. Research on climate change is expected to grow in Texas

     D. La Nina is famed for the weather event in the Pacific Ocean

     E. Climate change is the result of raising sea surface temperature

Jawaban : B. Climate changes continues to extensively progress everywhere

Text 3

Did you ride your bike to school when you were a kid? A generation ago most kids rode, walked or caught the bus to school; very few of us were dropped off (diantar) by our parents at the school gate. These days most of us have experienced the daily traffic jams (kemacetan) around schools at drop-off and pick-up (penjemputan) times, as parents drive their children to the school gate. While there is no national data on the number of children who walk or ride to school, a recent Victorian survey found nearly half of all children are driven to school every day.

Parents choose to drop their kids at school for a number of reasons – mostly to do with safety and convenience. But experts say chauffeuring (mengantar) your kids to school every day could mean they’re missing out on much-needed exercise (latihan) and other life skills.

Research suggests at least a third of Australian children aged 9-16 years aren’t getting the amount of daily physical activity recommended in national guidelines. But this isn’t because children’s participation in leisure (waktu luang) or sporting activities has dropped off, says Dr. Jan Garrard, a senior lecturer at Deakin University’s school of health and social development. Participation in these activity hasn’t altered (berubah) much over the years, Garrard says, but what has changed is the level of incidental (tak disengaja) activity children do. “When you look at countries where children are just active as part of everyday life, they don’t have to be sporty, all they have to do is get around the way the community gets around by walking and cycling, and they get enough physical activity,” she says.

7. The author develops some ideas in pharagraph 2 by . . . . .

     A. Arguing for chauffeuring practices for children’s safety

     B. Explaining reasons for chauffeuring and their advantages

     C. Discussing the function of chauffeuring and impacts

     D. Describing parents chauffeuring followed by its effects

     E. Exposing how parents chauffeuring and its drawbacks

Jawaban : A. Arguing for chauffeuring practices for children’s safety

8. By writing the sentence “ . .chauffeuring your kids to school every day could mean they’re missing out on much-needed exercise and other life skills” (Phargraph 2), the author implies that . . .

     A. Kids given a lift to school likely lose vital social and physical advantages

     B. Taking kids to school makes them deprived individuals when they grow up

     C. Schooling means not only learning in classes but also socializing with others

     D. Parents spoil their kids future social and physical by giving them a lift

     E. When a child needs physical and social training, parents should facilitate them

Jawaban : A. Kids given a lift to school likely lose vital social and physical advantages

9. Dr. Garrard’s statement “ . . where children are just active as part of everyday life, they don’t have to be sporty . . (Pharagraph 3) may be restated that . . . . .

A. Children who are active do not automatically mean they will be good at sport

B. Being muscular should not be the aim of children who are naturally active

C. Children’s physical fitness is not closely related with their daily activities

D. Activeness in children does not mean to make these children physically fit

E. When naturally active, children need a more scheduled sports activities

Jawaban : B. Being muscular should not be the aim of children who are naturally active

10. The part following the text above most likely contains information on . . . . .

     A. Advice to parents for their children to have enough physical activities

     B. The decreasing trend of children to do physical activities at their will

     C. Parental motives behind chauffeuring their children to school

     D. Reasons for children not to do fun and incidental activities

     E. Effects of having children not to be given a lift to school

Jawaban : A. Advice to parents for their children to have enough physical activities

Text 4

Identifying ingredients (bahan-bahan) in old paintings can help curators (kepala museum) decide how best to maintain, display and restore them. The 17th century dutch (orang belanda) artist, Rembrandt, was found to use wheat (gandum), according to a new advanced analysis of two of his works. It is the first study to identify wheat starch (tepung gandum) in any of Rembrandt’s work, even though scientists have performed numerous analysis on more than 150 of his.

In Rembrandt’s time, artist mixed their own paints, which they then spread onto canvas in layers (lapisan-lapisan). Often, individual layers of the same piece of art contained different binding agents (zat pengikat), pigments (zat warna), varnishes (pernis), and other ingredients. Besides color, each layer was mixed to just the right level of thickness (ketebalan), glossiness (mengkilat), texture, evenness (kerataan) on the surface, drying time and more.

However, paint layers are tough to analyze because they are spread so incredibly thin. The thinnest ones rise just a thousand of a millimeter above the layer below them. Using a variety of chemical and physical analytical methods, along with old written records, scientist have been able to identify pigments and other inorganic (anorganik) materials in many ancient (kuno) paintings.

For the new study, the scientists used some of the most high-tech equipment (peralatan) around to look at the “Portrait of Nicolaes van Bambeeck”, which Rembrandt van Rijn painted in 1641. First the researchers took a cross-section from a miniscule section of the painting. Then they used a variety of methods to probe (memeriksa) the layers, including a technique called Time of Fly, Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (ToF-SIMS). This technique involves sending a focused, high-energy beam (cahaya) of ions at the layered sample, then observing the ions that bounce (memantul) back. By analyzing the energy and chemical nature of the ejected ions, scientists can deduce (menyimpulkan) detailed information about the types of elements and chemical bonds held within.

For the second grayish (keabu-abuan) layer of paint on the “Portrait of Nicolaes van Bambeeck”, the scan showed, Rembrandt mixed oil and a small amount of lead (timah) with wheat flour. It’s not clear yet whether Rembrandt used what earlier or continued to use the ingredient after painting the “Portrait of Nicoales van Bambeeck”, who was a rich wool merchant. But the researchers also found wheat in the “Portrait of Agatha Bas” the merchant’s wife.

11. What does the word “They” in “..own paints, which they then . .” (Pharagraph 2) refers to. . .

     A. Layers

     B. Artist

     C. Paints

     D. Pigments

     E. Ingredients

Jawaban : B. Artist

12. What would the pharagraph following the passage be likely to discuss?

     A. The ToF-SIMS

     B. Paintings of other 17th century artists

     C. Written evidence of the use of wheat flour

     D. The painting “Potrait of Agatha Bas”

     E. Other techniques used in the research

Jawaban : D. The painting “Potrait of Agatha Bas”

13. What is the main idea of pharagraph 3 ?

     A. There are some advantages of using paint layers

     B. Scientist have found the thinnest layer of paintings

     C. There are inorganic materials in ancient paintings

     D. There are some methods to crack layer painting contain different pigments

     E. The chemical ingredients for layer painting contain different pigments

Jawaban : D. There are some methods to crack layer painting contain different pigments

14. How does the author organize the ideas in the text?

     A. By arguing other theories of old painting’s ingredients

     B. By comparing one Rembrandt’s works to his other works

     C. By discussing possible ingredients used at Rembrandt’s time

     D. By presenting the research’s findings and describing its process

     E. By discussing the importance of knowing what ingredients Rembrandt’s used

Jawaban : D. By presenting the research’s findings and describing its process

15. According to paragraph 1, which of the following words can best describe scientist’s effort to identify ingredients in Rembrandt’s paintings?

     A. Glorious

     B. Effortless

     C. Involuntary

     D. Laborious

     E. Lengthy

Jawaban : E. Lengthy

Pembahasan tentang Prediksi Soal SBMPTN 2016 Bahasa Inggris kita akhiri sampai disini dulu, mudah-mudahan contoh soal SBMPTN diatas dapat membantu pembaca untuk lebih siap menghadapi test SBMPTN tahun ini. Ayoo kita sama-sama berdoa, semoga sobat yang sudah rajin belajar bisa diterima di kampus atau Universitas yang temen-temen inginkan selama ini, Amin. Soal SBMPTN seperti diatas umumnya berbentuk soal reading Bahasa Inggris, jika kamu masih kesulitan mengerjakan jenis soal reading seperti diatas, cobalah untuk sering – sering berlatih mengerjakan Contoh Soal Reading Bahasa Inggris.

Terimakasih atas kunjungannya, semoga artikel ini bermanfaat.

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    Reading text memang sangat menyita waktu, sering kali menjadi penghambat bagi pelajar untuk dapat konsentrasi dalam menyelesaikan ujian ini. Banyak belajar dan latihan adalah solusi yang tepat. Ini juga bisa jadi bahan referensi. Terima kasih. 🙂

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      Terimakasih juga marsha kunjungannya, kami juga sangat senang kalau artikel kami bisa membantu.

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