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Pembahasan Test Bahasa Inggris JobStreet Bagian Comprehension


Temen-temen ada yang sedang melamar kerja lewat JobStreet? Kalau iya, berarti temen-temen butuh informasi tentang test Bahasa Inggris di JobStreet ini. Seperti yang sudah kita bahas sebelumnya ya temen-temen, website pencari kerja JobStreet membuat standar kualitas penguasaan Bahasa Inggris bagi para pelamar kerja yang menggunakan website mereka. Kalo menurut saya itu sangat wajar sih, karena JobStreet menyediakan informasi lowongan kerja dari berbagai Negara, jadi kita pun bisa punya kemungkinan untuk kerja di luar negeri. Waah, asik ya kalau bisa kerja di luar negeri hehe, saya yakin temen-temen juga pasti mau.

Bagi temen-temen yang ingin bisa kerja diluar negeri, mendapatkan skor yang bagus pada test Bahasa Inggris di JobStreet jadi sangat penting. Itulah sebabnya, temen-temen perlu banyak mengerjakan latihan soal sebelum mengerjakan soal test Bahasa Inggris JobStreet yang sesungguhnya. Selain latihan mengerjakan soal, temen-temen juga bisa membaca penjelasan dan jawaban contoh soal test Bahasa Inggris JobStreet yang diperoleh langsung dari website JobStreet berikut ini. Dalam artikel kali ini, soal test Bahasa Inggris JobStreet yang akan kita bahas adalah bagian comprehension.

Gimana sih bentuknya soal bagian comprehension dalam test Bahasa Inggris di JobStreet itu? Perlu kita ketahui ya temen-temen, test Bahasa Inggris di JobStreet bagian comprehension itu bentuknya sama dengan soal-soal tentang reading comprehension yang sudah biasa kita temui dalam berbagai tes Bahasa Inggris. Jadi, saya yakin temen-temen sudah mengenal dengan baik deh bagian ini. Tapi, tentunya lebih baik kalau kita benar-benar latihan dengan menggunakan soal yang diperoleh langsung dari sumbernya kan.

Ayoo kita pelajari lagi soal tes Bahasa Inggris JobStreet Bagian comprehension berikut ini. – Bigbanktheories.com

JobStreet Test
Test Bahasa Inggris JobStreet

Jawaban Test Bahasa Inggris Di JobStreet Bagian Comprehension

1. The National Flag symbolises the spirit of patriotism, pride, unity and the love for the nation. It also symbolises the foundation for building a progressive nation whose citizens live harmoniously irrespective of ethnic differences. So, fly the national flag today! The announcement urges people to . . . . .

a) make the national flag

b) create a new nation

c) live with indignity

d) show their patriotism

Jawaban : D. Show their patriotism

2. Dillon : Could you speak louder, please?

Harry : I am sorry, I have a sore throat.

Which statement is true?

a) Dillon is deaf

b) Harry’s throat hurts

c) Dillon is rude to Harry

d) Harry is soft-spoken

Jawaban : B. Harry’s throat hurts

3. A toddler, aged 3, who plummeted more than 6 metres from the balcony of his house died on Monday. The boy underwent surgery to remove a blood clot in his brain shortly after the tragedy. However, he went into a coma following the surgery and died in the Intensive Care Unit after 24 hours, said a spokesperson of the Metropolitan hospital. The victim . . . . .

a) fell from the balcony of his house

b) had a blood clot that could not be removed

c) died 24 hours after the fall

d) died immediately after the accident

Jawaban : A. Fell from the balcony of his house

4. Kalam : “I am of the opinion that women are losing their charm, grace and beauty because they prefer the modern lifestyle rather than a traditional one.”

Kalam is . . . . .

a) very concerned about issues of beauty

b) biased against the modern lifestyle

c) delighted with the modern lifestyle

d) prejudiced against women

Jawaban : D. Prejudiced against women

5. To persuade people, one needs to be articulate and knowledgeable. Without these two qualities, it would be an uphil task to convince others to follow your viewpoints.

Which statement is not true?

a) convincing people can be a difficult task

b) we should have two qualities in life for others to follow

c) being articulate can help you to convince others

d) one should have enough knowledge to persuade others

Jawaban : B. We should have two qualities in life for others to follow

6. Instructions : Take a heap of wooden bricks and make them into a tower. Pull out a brick at a time until the tower collapses. When it does, it is over. These instructions are probably for a . . . . .

a) recipe

b) maths test

c) game

d) question

Jawaban : C. Game


Title : Popular Pastimes of Mutiara International School Students, 2007.

Watching Sports – 65%

Reading – 15%

Performing Arts – 11%

Travelling – 5%

Voluntaru Work – 4%

What do the above poll results tell you about popular pastimes of the student in Mutiara International High School?

a) they read a lot of academic books

b) sports is their dominant interest

c) they love visiting museums

d) voluntary work is very popular

Jawaban : B. Sports is their dominant interest

8. Sukanya’s arguments were as steady as rock so it wasn’t easy to break them.

Which statement is true?

a) Sukanya is rock-steady

b) Sukanya is good at arguments

c) Sukanya’s arguments were solid

d) Sukanya’s power of speech is excellent

Jawaban : C. Sukanya’s arguments were solid

9. “Hundreeds of protestors took to the streets, shouting anti-establishment slogans to end years of alleged misconduct by corrupt government officials,” said an agitated Police spokesperson in an interview.

Which statement is not true?

a) many protestors took to the streets

b) the protestors were against the government

c) the protestors were violent

d) the Police spokesperson was angry

Jawaban : C. The protestors were violent

10. Shania is an artist. She is popular among teenagers for her strong vocals.

Shania is a . . . . .

a) lyricist

b) song writer

c) composer

d) singer

Jawaban : D. Singer

Sampai disini dulu artikel kali ini dengan judul Pembahasan Test Bahasa Inggris JobStreet Bagian Comprehension, semoga bisa membantu temen-temen agar lebih siap saat menghadapi test Bahasa Inggris di JobStreet. Terimakasih sudah berkunjung lagi ke bigbanktheories.com, sampai jumpa di artikel selanjutnya.

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