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Naskah Soal UN Bahasa Inggris SMK 2014 Asli Untuk Latihan


Mulai dari awal bulan desember 2016 ini hampir semua sekolah sudah mulai memberikan les tambahan kepada siswanya sebagai bentuk persiapan menghadapi Ujian Nasional di tahun 2017 nanti. Tidak ketinggalan juga sekolah SMK tempat saya bertugas. Hampir setiap sore mulai dari senin hingga jumat, kami memberikan jam pelajaran tambahan kepada siswa untuk memberikan pembahasan soal soal dari UN SMK tahun tahun sebelumnya. Nah, untuk mempermudah sobat pengunjung yang sedang mencari contoh soal latihan ujian nasional SMK, kali ini kami akan membagikan sebuah contoh soal UN Bahasa Inggris SMK tahun 2014.

Soal UN yang akan kami bagikan dalam artikel kali ini merupakan soal soal yang berasal dari naskah asli soal UN Bahasa Inggris yang dilaksanakan pada hari Rabu 16 April 2014, yang tentunya sudah kami sesuaikan dan ada sedikit modifikasi di beberapa bagian. Nah, semoga dengan contoh soal yang di angkat dari naskah asli UN Bahasa Inggris ini akan bisa memberikan gambaran yang baik bagi teman teman tentang seperti apa kira kira soal ujian yang akan sobat hadapi nanti. Selamat belajar. – Bigbanktheories.com

Soal Ujian Nasional SMK
Soal UN Bahasa Inggris SMK 2014

Soal UN Bahasa Inggris SMK 2014

Berikut ini kami tampilkan contoh satu set soal UN Bahasa Inggris untuk siswa siswi pelajar SMK. Perlu kami beritahukan kalau kami menghilangkan bagian listening dikarenakan ketidak terediaan file nya.

Question 16 to 20, choose the inappropriate structure in the following sentences or dialogues.

16.Wow! It is a really big house. I think it is the biggest than mine.

                  A                        B                C                      D

17.My handbag is a black rectangular leather bag with a long tubular strap of the same material.

                                                               A                                                   B

The bag is about 18” x 12” in size with three compartments. The compartment which a zip in it is the centre one.

                                                   C                                                                                            D

18.Bram : Can you describe Laura ?


      Zizi : She’s high, dark and beautiful.

                            B        C      D

19.Yulia : It must be great if you win the Math Olympiad.

                           A                                                   B

     Dhito : Of course, my parents would send me to an overseas university if I had won it.

                                                                          C                                                                     D

20.Mirman : I’m so disappointing with the show.

                                            A                               B

      Dendri : Me too. I think that they could do the best one.

                                          C                                                        D

Question 21 to 23 refer to the following text.

Teks Dalam Soal Ujian Nasional SMK
Teks Bahasa Inggris Ujian Nasional Tentang Application Letter

21. What is the text about ?

A. An order letter

B. An application letter

C. A complaint letter

D. A reservation letter

22. What will the human resources department probably do after reading the letter?

A. Evaluate the salary offered

B. Start working at Taylor, Inc.

C. Promote Mr Krick to be a manager

D. Consider Mr Krick for an interview

23. “You can reach me at . . .” (3rd paragraph)

The underlined word has the similar meaning to . . .

A. Take

B. Send

C. Give

D. Contact

Question 24 to 26 refer to the following text.

Teks Bacaan Dalam Soal Ujian Nasional SMK 2014
Teks Bahasa Inggris Ujian Nasional Tentang Tesco Company

24. The text mainly tells us about . . .

A. Some of Tesco’s competitors

B. The marketing strategy of Tesco

C. The innovations of the company

D. The journey of the company’s success

25. We can conclude from the text that Tesco . . .

A. Uses five issues as the company success

B. Also provides financial services

C. Sells the products by online

D. Is the largest food retailer

26. When did Tesco form a joint venture with the Royal Bank of Scotland?

A. In 1990

B. In 1994

C. In 1995

D. In 1997

Question 27 to 28 refer to the following text.

Reading Teks Dalam Ujian Nasional Bahasa Inggris SMK
Teks Bahasa Inggris Ujian Nasional Tentang Bill Gates

27. When did Bill Gates work as a lawyer?

A. In 1955

B. In 1973

C. In 1975

D. In 1995

28. How long did Bill Gates studied at Harvard?

A. 2 semesters

B. 4 semesters

C. 6 semesters

D. 8 semesters

Question 29 to 31 refer to the following text.

Teks Dalam Lembar Soal UN Bahasa Inggris SMK 2014
Teks Bahasa Inggris Ujian Nasional Tentang Regulations

29. What is the text about?

A. The rules for the visitors of a museum

B. Problems with antiquities

C. The services of a museum

D. The rules of a building

30. What should the visitors do before entering the building?

A. Buy a ticket

B. Take a picture

C. Touch the antiquities

D. Leave all their belongings

31. “Touching the antiquities is prohibited.”

The synonym of the underlined word is . . .

A. Allowed

B. Admitted

C. Permitted

D. Forbidden

Questions 32 to 41, choose the appropriate option to complete each dialogue.

32. Miss Narita : Where’s Samira ? I need her to help me at the office.

       Zenny : She hasn’t come yet. . . .

       Miss Narita : If you say so, I’ll wait for her at the office.

A. She might be late.

B. She may come early.

C. She is probably absent.

D. She can’t be at the office.

33. Guest : This coffee is too bitter. I don’t really like it.

      Waiter : Oh, I’m sorry . . .

      Guest : Thank you.

A. Can I put more water ?

B. Shall I add some sugar for you?

C. Should I bring some cups for you?

D. Would you like me to give you more coffee?

34. Sarmidi : I plan to go to Jakarta next Thursday.

      Kulo : . . . According to the weather forecast, there will be heavy rain and storm around this week.

A. Let’s take business class.

B. You should come back soon.

C. You had better postpone your flight.

D. It’s beter for you to take a cheaper ticket.

35. Viana :What do you usually do after school?

      Yuliza : Since I have a lot of friends from overseas, . . . we often discuss some hot issues.

A. I usually check my email.

B. I hardly talk on the phone.

C. I never type on computer.

D. I used to send text message.

36. Receptionist : Good morning, Nirwana Hotel. Can I help you?

      Caller : Room 102, please.

      Receptionist : I’m sorry, there is no answer. . . . ?

A. What can I do for you

B. How do you spell it

C. Can I take a message

D. He is not in at the moment

37. Mawan : this room is quite dark. I can hardly read my novel. . . ?

      Rahmat : Of course not, I’ll do it at once.

A. Will you read it for me

B. Can you take my glasses

C. Could you switch on the lamp

D. Would you mind opening the door

38. Nanik : Raja Ampat island in Papua is a wonderful diving spot, don’t you think so?

      Wamena : Absolutely yes. If we had some more holidays, . . .

A. We will stay longer there

B. We wouldn’t have a good time

C. We would have been so excited

D. We would do many sport activities

39. Ontari : I’m thinking about quiting my studies.

      Hilman : Are you serious? What’s going on?

      Ontari : I need to help my family’s financial problem . . .

A. I don’t want to work for a bigger company

B. I’m thinking about getting myself a job.

C. I’m thinking about becoming a good student.

D. I’m bored with my bah scores.

40. Hanung :Did you listen to the breaking news last night? . . . lots of people were trapped ny flames.

       Bima : How terrible. Hope some of them are still alive.

A. An earthquake damaged the monument.

B. The flood destroyed many houses.

C. Two taxi drivers were robbed by their passengers.

D. A big fire broke out in a shopping centre.

41. Father : Can I speak with your mom, dear?

      Daughter :She’s not here at the moment dad. . . .

A. She was shopping

B. She went to the market.

C. She has cooked some food.

D. She is buying some vegetables.

Question 42 to 44, complete the following text with the words provided.

Soal Reading Dalam Ujian Nasional SMK 2014
Teks Bahasa Inggris Ujian Nasional Tentang Surat Lamaran Kerja

42. A.Graduated

B. Finished

C. Stopped

D. Passed

43. A.Genius

B. Diligent

C. Sociable

D. Ambitious

44. A.Quickly

B. Directly

C. Carefully

D. Correctly

Question 45 to 47, complete the following text with the words provided.

Contoh Teks Announcement Dalam Soal UN Bahasa Inggris SMK
Teks Bahasa Inggris Ujian Nasional Tentang Announcement

45. A. A month before

B. A month ago

C. Last month

D. Next month

46. A. Hard

B. Famous

C. Strong

D. Weak

47. A. Pick

B. Keep

C. Take

D. Hold

Questions 48 to 50, complete the following text with the words provided.

Teks Procedure Dalam Soal UN Bahasa Inggris SMK
Teks Bahasa Inggris Ujian Nasional Tentang Procedure

48. A. Good

B. Short

C. Clear

D. Right

49. A. Get

B. Leave

C. Pay

D. Throw

50. A. Carefully

B. Habitually

C. Automatically

D. Independently

Sekian dulu sobat contoh soal UN Bahasa Inggris SMK 2014 yang bisa kami tampilkan. Semoga soal soal di atas bisa bermanfaat bagimu dalam berlatih untuk menghadapi Ujian Nasional tahun depan. Selamat belajar, kami doakan kelancaran serta kesuksesanmu dalam Ujian nanti. Terimakasih banyak untuk kunjungannya.

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