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Latihan Soal EBTANAS Bahasa Inggris SMP Seri 9


Ada lagi nih sob, latihan soal EBTANAS Bahasa Inggris untuk SMP. Baca baca dulu deh, soal soal yang ada di dalam artikel kali ini gampang gampang lho, ngggak percaya? Coba deh kerjain dulu, kamu pasti bisa. Oh ya, karena ini sudah seri ke 9, jadi setelah ini masih ada satu seri soal EBTANAS lagi yang akan kami bagikan untuk kamu. Mudah mudahan dengan semua contoh soal Bahasa Inggris yang kami bagikan ini, kami akan lebih siap ya untuk menghadapi Ujian Nasional SMP yang nggak lama lagi akan dilaksanakan. Semangat ya, semoga berhasil. – Bigbanktheories.com

Contoh Soal EBTANAS Bahasa Inggris SMP 1986 Seri 9
Soal EBTANAS Bahasa Inggris SMP Seri 9

Contoh Soal EBTANAS Bahasa Inggris SMP

Put a cross (X) on a, b, c or d for the right answer on your answer sheet!

1. My students . . . the exercise now.

a. Do

b. Is doing

c. Are doing

d. Have done

2. She . . . when we came home yesterday.

a. Sleeps

b. Is sleeping

c. Has gone to sleep

d. Was sleeping

3. It is dangerous . . . there alone at night.

a. To be

b. Been

c. Be

d. Has been

4. Mother . . . a new dress for a week.

a. Made

b. Has been making

c. Is making

d. Makes

5. Father usually . . . coffee in the morning.

a. Drink

b. To drink

c. Drinking

d. Drinks

6. He will help you if . . .

a. You don’t ask him

b. You asked him

c. You ask him

d. You will ask him

7. The boy . . . one of my glasses last night.

a. Broke

b. Has broken

c. Breaks

d. Is going to break

8.. .. me what you want to do.

a. To tell

b. Tell

c. Telling

d. Told

9. The girl was very . . . to get a present from her parents.

a. Happy

b. Happily

c. Happiness

d. Happiest

10. She danced . . . at the party.

a. Beautiful

b. Beauty

c. Beautifully

d. Be beautiful

11. He . . . his final examinations and he went home sadly.

a. Not pass

b. Didn’t pass

c. Doesn’t pass

d. Wasn’t pass

12. Mr.Lehman didn’t . . . that his son was in the hospital.

a. Know

b. Knew

c. Known

d. Knowing

13. Karto is ten years old. Joko is ten years old, too.

a. Karto is not as old as Joko

b. Karto is older that Joko

c. Karto is the same age as Joko

d. Karto is not same age as Joko

14. Susi is in VI A. Resha is in V C.

a. They are in the same class.

b. They are in different classes.

c. They are in different class.

d. Their classes are the same.

15. We decided . . . to another country.

a. Move

b. Moving

c. To move

d. Moved

16. My mother cut a cake with a sharp . . .

a. Knive

b. Knives

c. Knife

d. Knifes

17. She brought . . . a box of cracker.

a. Ours

b. Our

c. We

d. Us

18. Don’t help him! Let him do that work . . .

a. He

b. him

c. His

d. Himself

19. Ailey and  . . . are going to have dinner together.

a. I

b. Me

c. My

d. Myself

20. Your uncle is speaking with . . . teacher.

a. We

b. Us

c. Our

d. Ours

21. My bag is on the table. Where is . . . Andre?

a. You

b. Your

c. Yourself

d. Yours

22.. .. car is Mr.Dodi’s? The silver one.

a. Where

b. Whose

c. Which

d. What

23.. .. didn’t he come to school? Because he was sick.

a. How

b. Why

c. When

d. With whom

24.. .. pen did you borrow last night? My sister’s

a. Whose

b. Who

c. Whom

d. Where

25.. .. are you waiting for? My sister.

a. For Whom

b. Whom

c. Whose

d. Where

26.. .. sugar does she buy every week? Two kilograme.

a. How

b. How many

c. How much

d. How often

27.. .. is she going to visit tonight? Her uncle.

a. Who

b. Whose

c. For whom

d. Why

28. ”Istana Merdeka” is a . . .

a. Please

b. Pleased

c. Place

d. Palace

29. He has played basket ball for an hour, . . .?

a. Isn’t it

b. Hasn’t he

c. Doesn’t he

d. Isn’t he

30. What is the . . . of that shirt? It is Rp.35.000

a. Prize

b. Price

c. Pride

d. Prays

31. I am a good student, . . .?

a. Am not I

b. Am I

c. Aren’t I

d. Aren’t you

32. Mr.Arhim put his bag on the table, . . . ?

a. Doesn’t she

b. Doesn’t he

c. Isn’t he

d. Don’t he

33. Mesa can’t do the job, . . .?

a. Can her

b. Can she

c. Don’t it

d. Doesn’t she

34. I can’t play the piano and . . . can you.

a. Too

b. Neither

c. So

d. Either

35. I always study in the afternoon and . . .

a. You are too

b. You do too

c. So are you

d. Neither are you

36. Why is he angry . . . you?

a. To

b. At

c. For

d. With

37. Don’t be afraid . . . that dog. It is tame.

a. At

b. Of

c. To

d. With

38. What time . . . you get up everyday?

a. Do

b. Did

c. Are

d. Were

39. The school bell rings . . . a quarter past seven.

a. In

b. For

c. At

d. To

40. He told us two stories, . . . are interesting.

a. The other

b. The others

c. Each

d. Both

41. Cat and Dog hate . . .

a. Each other

b. One another

c. The other

d. Some others

42. Her aunt brought six dresses . . . are beautiful.

a. All of them

b. Each of them

c. Both of them

d. One of them

43.. .. of the students are in the class. They are outside.

a. Some

b. Each

c. None

d. All

44. How much money do you have? I have only . . .

a. An amount

b. A lot

c. Much

d. A little

45. There are many books in the library but only . . . are interesting.

a. A lot

b. All

c. A few

d. A little

46. I am so sorry, I have . . . to give you.

a. Something

b. Nothing

c. Everything

d. Things

47. My brother . . . in 1991.

a. Was born

b. Born

c. Is born

d. Be born

48. Don’t tell it to. . . it’s secret between you and me.

a. Somebody

b. Everybody

c. Anybody

d. Nobody

49. Will you . . . me your book?

a. Borrow

b. Lend

c. Spend

d. Wear

50. I didn’t . . . you at the party last night.

a. See

b. Seen

c. Saw

d. To see

Oke sobat, kami sudahi dulu sampai disini artikel kali ini, semoga contoh soal EBTANAS yang kami bagikan kali ini juga bisa bermanfaat untuk kamu ya. Akhir kata, kami mohon maaf jika ada kesalahan dan kekurangan dalam penyampaian kali ini, sampai jumpa lagi.

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