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Latihan Soal EBTANAS Bahasa Inggris SMP Seri 4


Ujian nasional tidak lama lagi akan dilaksanakan. Semua tingkatan pendidikan mulai dari SD, SMP, SMA dan juga SMK pun mulai bersiap siap dari sekarang. Begitu banyak pihak terlibat dalam persiapan hingga pelaksanaan UN ini, mulai dari guru, pihak pemerintah melalui dinas pendidikan, orang tua, dan tentunya siswa siswi itu sendiri serta orang orang yang memiliki keperdulian terhadap dunia pendidikan pun banyak yang ikut berperan serta demi kelancaran dan kesuksesan UN ini.

Tim bigbanktheories.com tidak mau ketinggalan nih sobat, kali ini kami juga akan membagikan beberapa contoh soal Bahasa Inggris yang kami angkat dari soal EBTANAS SMP tahun 1986. Soal soal ini telah kami rubah dan modifikasi sehingga akan cocok kamu gunakan sebagai bahan latihan soal agar kamu lebih siap menghadapi Ujian Nasional kelak. – Bigbanktheories.com

Contoh Soal EBTANAS Bahasa Inggris SMP 1986 Seri 4
Soal EBTANAS Bahasa Inggris SMP Seri 4

Contoh Soal EBTANAS Bahasa Inggris SMP Seri 4

Put a cross (X) on a, b, c or d for the right answer on your answer sheet !

1. Today is Saturday, Yesterday . . . Friday.

a. was

b. are

c. is

d. were

2. Marman and Sodik . . . playing football now.

a. is

b. are

c. was

d. were

3. My friend wanted . . . me last week.

a. visit

b. to visit

c. visited

d. visiting

4. . . . a noise, please! I am studying now.

a. doesn’t make

b. not make

c. don’t makes

d. don’t make

5. That high building is Kurnia Hotel . . . school lies behind it.

a. we

b. us

c. our


6. The farmers . . . since early in the morning.

a. work

b. worked

c. are working

d. have been working

7. Shinta : . . . Miss Julia save her money in the bank?

    Mr.Abila : Yes she can.

a. may

b. can

c. must

d. should

8. the surface of a mirror is smooth, but the surface of a rock is . . .

a. rough

b. cruel

c. naughty

d. wild

9. Listen! She’s . . . a beautiful song.

a. sing

b. sings

c. singing

d. to sing

10. My brother and I went to visit . . . uncle in the hospital.

a. her

b. my

c. his

d. our

11. Mice . . . afraid of Cat.

a. is

b. are

c. was

d. am

12. Your brother was absent yesterday, . . . ?

a. weren’t you

b. were you

c. wasn’t he

d. was he

13. She gave me . . . paper and . . . ink.

a. page of – a bowl of

b. piece of – a bottle of

c. piece – a bottle

d. piece of – a drop of

14. Mr.Karimin has nine children. The eldest and the youngest . . . in Jakarta.

a. live

b. lives

c. lived

d. has lived

15. We . . . to the library yesterday.

a. go

b. went

c. goes

d. going

16. We are going to have a test . . .

a. next week

b. last week

c. after that

d. already

17. I am not so fat, . . . ?

a. are you

b. am I

c. aren’t you

d. aren’t I

18. Mr and Mrs Bramana . . . at home when we passed by.

a. are

b. were

c. will be

d. have been

19. A cat . . . bark, and neither can a cow.

a. can

b. cannot

c. could

d. could not

20. Look at that man with the load on his shoulders. He stops every few steps. He must be tired. The load seems . . .

a. too heavy for him

b. light enough for him

c. easy to lift

d. so much

21. Your father is sleeping. You . . . quiet.

a. should

b. should not

c. should be

d. should not be

22. Riki : What do you suggest, that she should do ?

      Dirman : I suggest that she. . . study English well.

a. can

b. should

c. would

d. may

23. The water is . . .

a. salt

b. salty

c. salted

d. saltant

24. Mika : I am still hungry. I need . . . rice.

a. another

b. some more

c. the others

d. any more

25. A child may not watch . . . TV shows on Saturday night.

a. late

b. hard

c. fast

d. loud

26. Roman : will you attend the party tonight?

      Diko : Sure, if . . .

a. I am not busy

b. I had work

c. I have it

d. I knew the place

27. A continent is . . . than an island.

a. higher

b. longer

c. older

d. bigger

28. Arsad can’t sing the song . . . he ?

a. can

b. could

c. can’t

d. couldn’t

29. . . . book is yours ?

a. whose

b. whom

c. which

d. what

30. Antoni : Mom, . . . book is on the floor?

       Mother : It’s mine.

a. which

b. whose

c. what

d. who

31. The man has just bought . . . old car.

a. the

b. any

c. a

d. an

32. There are some . . . in the field.

a. hen

b. rooster

c. ox

d. oxen

33. The bookstore also sells . . .

a. a dictionary

b. the dictionary

c. dictionaries

d. dictionarys

34. My brother likes to wear expensive . . . when he attends parties.

a. bags

b. perfume

c. clothes

d. phones

35. One of us . . . to attend Shanara’s party tonight.

a. need

b. needed

c. is needing

d. needs

36. How often . . . coffee?

a. father drinks

b. does father drink

c. did father drink

d. father does drink

37. Rendra loves his pet. He . . . everyday.

a. feed

b. feeding

c. feeds

d. feeded

38. . . . a book is good for brain exercise.

a. read

b. reading

c. reads

d. to read

39. The man is a . . .

a. painted

b. painting

c. paints

d. painter

40. Miss Marina and her sister . . . my dancing coach.

a. is

b. are

c. the

d. they

Sekian dulu contoh soal latihan EBTANAS Bahasa Inggris SMP yang bisa kami tampilkan dalam kesempatan kali ini, semoga bermanfaat bagimu. Rajin rajinlah berlatih mengerjakan contoh soal, karena ini merupakan kunci lancarnya proses UN yang akan kamu hadapi. Terimakasih banyak untuk kunjunganmu hari ini, kami mohon maaf jika ada kekurangan dan kesalahan dalam penyampaian kami.

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