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Latihan Soal EBTANAS Bahasa Inggris SMP Seri 3


Selamat pagi teman teman, pastinya kamu sekarang sedang berada di sekolah ya. Pagi ini kami akan membagikan contoh latihan soal yang pastinya akan sangat berguna bagi kamu yang masih di tingkat SMP dan akan menghadapi Ujian Nasional. Kali ini kami masih akan membagikan latihan soal EBTANAS Bahasa Inggris untuk tingkat SMP. Nah, jika kamu sekarang adalah siswa kelas 3 SMP dan kebetulan saat ini kamu sedang belajar Bahasa Inggris di kelasmu, coba deh tunjukkan contoh soal ini kepada guru mu, dan ajak gurumu untuk membahas soal ini bersama di kelas. Karena kami percaya bahwa, dengan mempelajari latihan soal EBTANAS yang kami sediakan di website ini, kamu akan lebih siap nantinya saat akan mengikuti try out atau bahkan Ujian Nasional. Mengapa begitu ? Karena sebenarnya soal soal yang terdapat dalam UN banyak yang mengangkat dari soal soal tahun sebelumnya dan bahkan dari soal ujian lama seperti soal EBTANAS ini. Namun tentunya dengan modifikasi dan penambahan soal soal baru. Karena itu sobat, sepertinya penting bagi kita untuk mengenal seperti apa sih bentuk soal Ebtanas dari tahun 1986 itu.

Setelah kemarin kita melihat dan mempelajari soal EBTANAS Bahasa Inggris SMP seri 1 dan seri 2, kini saatnya kita mengenal dan membaca seri yang ke 3. Contoh soal yang akan kami tampilkan dalam artikel kali ini tentunya akan berbeda dengan yang sebelumnya, tapi jika kamu nantinya merasa ada kemiripan soal, hal itu dikarenakan jenis soalnya yang mungkin sama. Sudah siap ya teman teman, ayo langsung saja kita lihat soal EBTANAS Bahasa Inggris SMP seri 3 berikut ini. – Bigbanktheories.com

Contoh Soal EBTANAS Bahasa Inggris SMP 1986 Seri 3
Soal EBTANAS Bahasa Inggris SMP Seri 3

Soal EBTANAS Bahasa Inggris SMP Seri 3

Read the passage carefully !

Contoh Reading Teks Dalam Soal EBTANAS Bahasa Inggris
Teks Tentang Buying A present For Mother Dalam Soal EBTANAS Bahasa Inggris SMP

Put a cross (X) on a, b, c, or d for the right answer on your answer sheet!

1. Where are Ramli and Marina ? They are in . . .

a. a beautiful shop

b. a souvenir shop

c. a bookshop

d. a shoeshop

2. What are they shopping for ? They are shopping for . . .

a. a wedding present

b. a birthday present

c. lovely fans

d. beautiful present

3. Who is it for ?

a. Marina’s brother

b. Ramli’s sister

c. Our mother

d. Their mother

4. Is the fan an excellent one ?

a. Yes, it is

b. Yes, it is the fan

c. Yes, they are ones

d. No, it isn’t

5. Do the children buy the fan ?

a. Yes, we do

b. No, they don’t

c. Yes, they do

d. No, we don’t

6. The students . . . the English test now.

a. do

b. did

c. are doing

d. have done

7. She . . . when he came to her house.

a. sleeps

b. is sleeping

c. is going to sleep

d. was sleeping

8. It is dangerous . . . there alone at night.

a. to go

b. go

c. went

d. has been going

9. Mother . . . a new dress for a week.

a. made

b. has been making

c. have made

d. makes

10. Father usually . . . coffee in the morning.

a. drink

b. to drink

c. has drunk

d. drinks

11. He will help you if . . .

a. you don’t ask him

b. you asked him

c. you ask him

d. you are going to ask him

12. The servant . . . one of my sister’s glasses last night.

a. broke

b. has broken

c. breaks

d. is going to break

13. . . . me what you know about him.

a. to tell

b. tell

c. telling

d. told

14. Mother is very . . . to get a present from me.

a. happy

b. happily

c. happier

d. happiest

15. She danced . . . at the party.

a. beautiful

b. beautifully

c. is beautiful

d. to be beautiful

16. He didn’t pass the final examinations and he went home . . .

a. sad

b. sadly

c. sadder

d. saddest

17. He made four mistakes. I made two.

a. He made less mistakes than I

b. He made more mistakes than I

c. He made fewer mistakes than I

d. I made more mistakes than He

18. Tobias is twenty years old. Takuya is twenty years old, too.

a. Tobias isn’t as old as Takuya.

b. Tobias is older than Takuya.

c. Tobias is the same age as Takuya.

d. Tobias isn’t the same age as Takuya.

19. Arina is in 7b. Nina is in 8c.

a. They are in the same class.

b. They are in different classes.

c. They are in different class.

d. Their classes are the same.

20. There are some . . . grazing in the field.

a. sheeps

b. sheep

c. sheep’s

d. shepherds

21. Mother cut a cake with a sharp . . .

a. knive

b. knives

c. knife

d. knifes

22. She brought . . . for her father.

a. a bottle of inks

b. a bottles of ink

c. a bottle of inks

d. a bottle of ink

23. Don’t help him! Let him do that work . . .

a. he

b. him

c. his

d. himself

24. Father and . . . are going to have a picnic.

a. I

b. me

c. my

d. mine

25. Mr. Hamami is speaking with . . . teacher.

a. we

b. us

c. our

d. ours

26. My bag is on the table. Where is . . . Akila ?

a. you

b. your

c. yourself

d. yours

27. . . . car is Mr. Arman’s ? The black one.

a. where

b. whose

c. which

d. what

28. . . . didn’t he come to school ? because he is sick.

a. how

b. why

c. when

d. with whom

29. . . . pen did you borrow last night ? My brother’s.

a. whose

b. who

c. whom

d. where

30. . . . are you waiting for ? My father.

a. for whom

b. whom

c. whose

d. where

31. . . . water do you need in a day ? Two litres.

a. how

b. how many

c. how much

d. how often

32. . . . is he going to visit tonight ? his uncle.

a. who

b. for whom

c. whose

d. why

33. “Istana Merdeka” is a . . .

a. please

b. pleased

c. place

d. palace

34. He has played volley ball for an hour. He is very . . .

a. thirty

b. thirsty

c. third

d. thick

35. What is the . . . of that shirt ? About Rp. 60.000

a. prize

b. price

c. pride

d. prays

36. I am a good student, . . . ?

a. am not I

b. am I

c. aren’t I

d. aren’t you

37. Mr. Jatmiko put his laptop on the table, . . . ?

a. doesn’t Mr Jatmiko

b. doesn’t he

c. didn’t Mr Jatmiko

d. didn’t he

38. Ermi can’t finish that work, . . . ?

a. can Ermi

b. can she

c. can’t Ermi

d. can’t she

39. he can’t play the piano and . . . can I.

a. too

b. neither

c. so

d. either

40. I study my lesson in the afternoon and she does . . .

a. so

b. too

c. either

d. neither

41. Why is she angry . . . you ?

a. to

b. at

c. for

d. with

42. Don’t be afraid . . . that dog. It is tame.

a. at

b. of

c. to

d. with

43. What time do you get . . . every day ?

a. up

b. upon

c. in

d. for

44. The school bell rings . . . a quarter past seven.

a. in

b. for

c. at

d. to

45. He told us two stories . . . are interesting.

a. the other

b. the others

c. each

d. both

46. On the Lebaran day we visited . . .

a. each other

b. one another

c. the other

d. the others

47. There is . . . food in that cupboard. It’s empty.

a. any other

b. the others

c. no other

d. some other

48. Her aunt brought six dresses. . . . are beautiful.

a. all of them

b. each of them

c. both of them

d. one of them

49. . . . of the students are in class. They are outside.

a. some

b. each

c. none

d. all

50. How much money do you have ? I have only . . .

a. an amount

b. a lot

c. much

d. a little

51. There are many books in the cupboard, but only . . . are interesting.

a. a lot

b. all

c. a few

d. a little

52. I am so sorry, I have . . . to give you.

a. something

b. nothing

c. everything

d. somebody

53. Don’t tell it to . . . It’s a secret between you and me.

a. somebody

b. everybody

c. anybody

d. nobody

54. I am going to . . . a football game this afternoon.

a. see

b. look

c. glance

d. watch

55. Will you . . . me your book ?

a. borrow

b. lend

c. spend

d. wear

56. I didn’t . . . what you have just told him.

a. see

b. feel

c. hear

d. smell

57. We use a . . . to sew with.

a. needle

b. pin

c. nail

d. pen

58. He went to America . . .

a. tonight

b. yesterday

c. tomorrow

d. by now

59. Green bean is good . . . our health.

a. woth

b. by

c. for

d. from

60. Mr. Juki is your father, . . . ?

a. isn’t he

b. doesn’t he

c. am I right

d. is it true

Oke deh sobat, kita sampai juga di akhir artikel kita yang berjudul Latihan Soal EBTANAS Bahasa Inggris SMP seri 3 ini, semoga bermanfaat. Ingatlah,soal Bahasa Inggris yang kami bagikan ini tidak hanya bisa digunakan dalam Ebtanas saja, namun bisa digunakan sebagai soal ulangan harian dan juga soal Ujian Nasional. Jadi pelajarilah contoh soal yang kami berikan ini dengan serius, cobalah untuk membahasnya bersama guru atau teman teman mu. Kami akhiri sampai disini, sukses selalu untuk kita semua dan sampai jumpa lagi.

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