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Key Of English Crossword Puzzle Exercise For Beginner


Have you tried to solve our English Crossword Puzzle For Beginner? If you haven’t you should check it out. Now, for you who have finished filling up the crossword puzzle, you can check your answer here. Today, we are going to show you the key of our English crossword puzzle. Are all your answer correct? Let’s find out ! – Bigbanktheories.com

Crossword Puzzle Answers
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Answer Key Of English Crossword Puzzle For Beginner

The picture below will show you the correct answer for our recent English Crossword Puzzle. We remove the number in order to avoid misreading of the answer key. So if you want to find out the order of the answer, you should open the Crossword Puzzle Exercise in a new tab while comparing and checking the answer one by one. Have fun!

Key Of Crossword Puzzle
Crossword Puzzle Answers

Check out the answer for each clues given in the English Crossword Puzzle Exercise.

Across :

1.Iron case = SAFE

5.Trading = SELL

6.Bubble substances = SOAP

7.Before noon = MORNING

8.Small cubes marked with 1-6 spots = DICE

10.Dice shape = CUBE

12.Cotton’s color = WHITE

15.Broad = WIDE

16.Test = EXAM

18.Your mother’s sister = AUNT

22.Finish = STOP

23.The creation or expression of what is beauty = ART

24.Feeling afraid = FEAR

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25.Last part = END

27.Unclean = DIRTY


Down :

1.Function of eyes = SEE

2.Dish = FOOD

3.Region = ZONE

4.The opposite of down = UP

5.Save = STORE

9.Large number of people together = CROWD

10.Tiny and sweet = CUTE

11.Rule = LAW

13.A pronoun that we use to pointing a man = HE

14.Way out = EXIT

17.Picture with scale = MAP

19.Plaything = TOY

20.Life time = AGE

21.Vessel = JAR

22.Dirty marks = STAIN

25.Seeing organ = EYE

26.Barking animal = DOG

Well, that is the answer Key Of English Crossword Puzzle Exercise For Beginner. We hope you enjoy the game and learn something from it. Thank you very much for your time checking out or crossword puzzle game, stay tune and keep visiting our website for more games.

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