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Help Your Self – A Self Motivation For English Learner


What do you need the most as an English Learner to start talking in English? A dictionary? A grammar book? A teacher? Or may be a partner to train your speaking skill? Hmm I think we need all of them plus a lot of other things such as time that we can spend for our training and off course reason.

Wow, reason? Why do we need reason to learn English? This is just my opinion, but I think that we need a reason to do something. The simplest example is when you suddenly ask your parents for a guitar and tell them that you want to learn to play it. The question is, why do you want to learn to play it? It can be because of you saw your friends playing guitar in front of many people and you think that it is cool, and it makes you want to be able to do so, here is where you find your reason to play guitar. Without that reason, you may not ask your parents for a guitar, and you may not start learning. Well this also applied in learning English, if you have not found your reason yet, then you won’t start learning.

Sir, I think I have found my reason to learn English, and I think it is really strong reason, but why still I can’t use English easily? Well here is what I think. – Bigbanktheories.com

A Self Motivation For English Learner
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Help Your Self – A Self Motivation For Every English Learner

You may have found your reason to learn English, and may be you believe that this reason is so strong. But, I am going to ask you one thing,

what have you done to that reason?

Well I took an English course, but it doesn’t really help me to be able to use English easily. Taking an English course is a very good step, but let me repeat my question, what have you done during your time you spend at the English course? Have you try to speak to the teacher in English? Did you try to raise your hand in each question your teacher gave you? Have you ever try to initiate a conversation with someone in English? And finally . . .

Have You Push Your Self to Your Limit . . ?

If the answer to all questions above is you haven’t or you didn’t, well my friends, this is why English is still a hard things to use.

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There is a wise word that “If you push yourself to the limit, you have nowhere to go but to evolve into something new”. And how exactly is an “Evolution” a good thing for me? Sure it is, have you ever watch an anime called Pokemon? I believe you have. Just look at that movie, when a pokemon is evolving, it is always grow to be something better, greater, more powerfull and with more skills. And how exactly a pokemon could reach an evolution? Most of the pokemon story will show us that an evolution takes time, a lot of it. But is that all it takes to reach an evolution? A lot of time? So that we just have to wait then, right? No, time is not the only thing required in an evolution of a pokemon, the pokemon have to push itself to its limits, by experiencing a lot of battle, fight, injury and pain.

Besides, there is also a wise word that “What doesn’t kill you, will only make you stronger”. I am so much fond of this wise word. Do you want to know why? It is because I’ve just experience it myself yesterday, but let’s keep my story for later. Let me ask you another question, have you ever feel like something press your chest so hard and it makes you hard to breathe every time you want to talk in English, especially in front of a lot of people? Or have you ever feel so scared to use English to speak so that your body produce a flood of sweat? That is a good step, because I did experience it myself during my first time using English orally in front of people. At that moment I had every chance to quit and surrender, but I kept forcing myself to try to use English over and over again, with or without people around me, I didn’t know why, but I thought that this could be my turning point in life, and eventually I found that it is true.

Learning English is hard, and it is also scary for some people, I completely agree with that. But we have to realize that, practicing English won’t kill us, even if we make a lot of mistake during the process, and remember, if it doesn’t kill us, it will make us stronger.

We might feel a pressure on our chest that make us hard to breathe every time we have to use English. But if we push ourselves and keep trying, the pressure and the burden will get lighter time by time, and we will be able to use English easily.

Let me share my experience to you. I am an English teacher sometimes, a debater, a trainer, and most of the time my job deals with my skills to talk and to perform in front of a lot of people. But, when it comes to singing, I am always so nervous and so stressed. I join singing competition for several times, and all of it was a total failure. It is not because of I didn’t practice or prepare myself, but it is because every time I have to sing in front of people, I got nervous in an extreme level. My heart beat increase so rapidly, sweat flow all over my body, and my brain stuck. And to be honest I hate this condition.

My condition doesn’t stop me to join another singing competition, because I think if I stop when I know that singing in front of people make me nervous, I will forever be afraid to do it, and I don’t want it, I want to change, I want to help myself fix me, cure me, and make me a better person. That’s what I thought when I decided to join a karaoke competition yesterday. The same case happened and the story repeat itself. I forgot the lyrics, sweating, and my brain goes somewhere because of I am so nervous. But I keep going, I keep singing with so much sweat all over my body. And when it is done, I am still alive, and the burden, the pressure on my chest, it became lighter. I feel so much better, I even think that I can do better next time.

It took several trial for me to help myself to face my fear on singing. But every time I keep pushing myself to my limit, the fear slowly get lighter. Because of this, I believe that, We Can help ourselves to face our own fear, and We Should help ourselves to be a better version of us.

So, if you are still afraid of using English to talk, I said “Help Your Self” right now, “Push Your Self To Your Limit, and Evolve”.

Here is the recording of my performance yesterday, you may find that I am a terrible singer, but it doesn’t matter hehe, I hope it can inspire you to start helping your self to face and conquer your fear, and start to be . . .

The Better Version Of You.

  1. Orochimaru says

    Thanks for inspired me, next time i’ll make me to push myself and i’ll touch the evolution hehehee…

    1. Admin says

      You are welcome Yoga, Wow that’s a good step that you start using english, keep moving, you can do it.

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