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English Crossword Puzzle – Vocabulary Exercises For Beginner


This english crossword puzzle is one of a game that will sharpen your vocabulary. Unlike any other crossword that you can find online in a website that provide you a crossword puzzle maker, this games is carefully designed to fit the capability of a beginner english learner. So if you are a beginner you don’t have to be worry about finishing this crossword puzzle, and when you find out that this puzzle is hard to be completed, then you know that you have a lot of things to learn. Let’s check it out. – Bigbanktheories.com

Teka Teki Silang Bahasa Inggris
Crossword Puzzle For Beginner

English Crossword Puzzle Games

Give a try to this crossword puzzle game, and find out how much you have master your vocabulary.

Crossword Puzzle Sheet
Printable Crossword Puzzle

Across :

1.Iron case


6.Bubble substances

7.Before noon

8.Small cubes marked with 1-6 spots

10.Dice shape

12.Cotton’s color



18.Your mother’s sister


23.The creation or expression of what is beauty

24.Feeling afraid

25.Last part

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Down :

1.Function of eyes



4.The opposite of down


9.Large number of people together

10.Tiny and sweet


13.A pronoun that we use to pointing a man

14.Way out

17.Picture with scale


20.Life time


22.Dirty marks

25.Seeing organ

26.Barking animal


Try to solve the puzzle within 5 minutes, if you can do it, you are a vocabulary master. Thank you very much for your time, I hope you enjoy this English Crossword Puzzle – Vocabulary Exercises For Beginner. Don’t forget to check your answer here : Key Of English Crossword Puzzle. We hope that you can sharpen your vocabulary after taking this exercises. See you again next time.


  1. Ananda Hidayat says

    Seru juga ya ternyata mengerjakan teka teki silang dalam Bahasa Inggris, buat lagi dong admin.

    1. Admin says

      Wah terimakasih ya Ananda sudah menyempatkan komen di artikel kami. Bener berapa nih jawabannya? Untuk contoh teka teki silang Bahasa Inggris yang baru mungkin belum bisa kami bagikan dalam waktu dekat. Tap kami pasti akan memberitaukanmu jika kami sudah membuat crossword puzzle yang baru.

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