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Contoh Soal EBTANAS Bahasa Inggris SMP 1986 Seri 8


Halo sobat, kali ini kami kembali akan membagikan lagi sebuah contoh soal EBTANAS Bahasa Inggris SMP seri ke 8. Wah nggak terasa ya sudah ada delapan seri soal EBTANAS yang sudah kami bagikan dan siap kamu gunakan sebagai latihan untuk mempersiapkan diri menghadapi Ujian Nasional. Dalam UN, kamu tentunya ingin lulus dengan nilai yang baik dong, nah karena itu sobat, cobalah mengerjakan soal soal EBTANAS dalam setiap seri yang telah kami bagikan di website ini. Bentuk soalnya banyak sekali lho yang masih dipakai dalam soal UN Bahasa Inggris SMP. Selamat mencoba ya. – Bigbanktheories.com

Contoh Soal EBTANAS Bahasa Inggris SMP 1986 Seri 8
Soal EBTANAS Bahasa Inggris SMP Seri 8

Contoh Soal EBTANAS Bahasa Inggris SMP

Put a cross (X) on a, b, c or d for the right answer on your answer sheet!

1. He is afraid . . . a lie.

a. To tell

b. Tell

c. Told

d. Telling

2. Were you able . . . the work?

a. Finishing

b. To finish

c. Finishes

d. Finished

3. The lady spent Rp.300.000 on dresses.

a. How much money did she spend on dresses?

b. How much did she spend money on dresses?

c. How much money spent she on dresses?

d. How much did she spend on dressed?

4. A lion is as . . . as a tiger.

a. deep

b. tame

c. wild

d. sharp

5.. . . the window!

a. Close

b. Closing

c. To close

d. Closed

6. Which one is a command?

a. Correct your assignment!

b. Tell them the story please!

c. Will you dry the shirt, please!

d. Don’t borrow her doll, please!

7. Combine these sentences:

    You read a newspaper. He reads a newspaper.

a. You read a newspaper and so did he.

b. You read a newspaper and he does too.

c. You read a newspaper and so does he.

d. You read a newspaper and neither did he.

8… . and neither have I.

a. That man has discussed the lessons

b. That man doesn’t discuss the lessons

c. That man hasn’t discussed the lessons

d. That man discussed the lessons

9. It is dangerous . . . in that river.

a. Swimming

b. Swim

c. Swam

d. To swim

10. Who . . . if she helps that old man.

a. Will be grateful

b. Grateful

c. Is grateful

d. Will grateful

11. Dania is the same . . . as Fiana.

a. Tall

b. Old

c. Large

d. Age

12. I need . . . spoons than mother.

a. Less

b. Much

c. Many

d. Fewer

13. She borrows . . . rice than they.

a. Any

b. Fewer

c. Less

d. Many

14. Which one is not a request?

a. Don’t read that book

b. Please, come in!

c. Don’t write a letter, please!

d. Sit down, please!

15. Make this sentence into the negative form.

      My father bought a new car.

a. My father has bought a new car.

b. My father doesn’t bought a new car.

c. My father did not buy a new car.

d. My father did not bought a new car.

16. Can you explain . . . ?

a. What does this word mean

b. What this word mean

c. What this word means

d. What this word meaning

17. The old woman . . . is my grand mother.

a. At home

b. In home

c. To home

d. On home

18. Do you know the girl . . . is talking to her?

a. Who

b. Whose

c. Whom

d. Where

19. The nurse . . . came here just now is her sister.

a. Whom

b. Who

c. When

d. Which

20. Mother won’t . . . all her friends tonight.

a. Invited

b. Invites

c. Invite

d. Inviting

21. Which book will you. . .?

a. Read

b. Ride

c. Drink

d. Drive

22. The farmers will . . . hard in the field.

a. Working

b. To work

c. Works

d. Work

23. The night . . . the thief broke the window was dark.

a. Where

b. Whom

c. Who

d. When

24. We know our national flag is . . .

a. Red, Blue and Red

b. Blue and Red

c. Red and White

d. Blue, Red and Green

25. My friends explain . . . yesterday.

a. He will finish his work

b. He finished his work

c. He finishes his work

d. He has finished his work

26. If you drop this glass, . . .

a. It will rain

b. It will break

c. It will run

d. It will cry

27. We’ll stay here if it . . .

a. Rain

b. Raining

c. Rains

d. Will rain

28. She will help you if you . . .

a. Don’t mind

b. Are minds

c. Didn’t mind

d. Minds

29. Kuncoro . . . a watch if she . . . the exams.

a. Gives – Will pass

b. Will give – Passes

c. Gave – Will pass

d. Will gave – Pass

30. He . . . if he enters my office

a. Will ring

b. Rings

c. Is ringing

d. Ring

31. He’ll buy that book if he . . . money.

a. Had

b. Have

c. Has

d. to have

32. When . . . Girolamo tell a story? He’ll tell a story next week.

a. Did

b. Does

c. Will

d. Is

33. Davina and Prianka will . . . here soon.

a. Be

b. Do

c. Make

d. Have

34. Will they . . . the lesson?

a. Understood

b. Understanding

c. Understand

d. To understand

35. I bought some dresses last week. Do you want to see . . .

a. It

b. Them

c. They

d. Its

36. Before you go to school you must eat. . .

a. Something

b. Anything

c. Everything

d. Nothing

37. What time will Mr.Karmidi Abdi arrive?

a. He is arriving at nine o’clock

b. He is going to arrive at nine o’clock

c. He arrived at nine o’clock

d. He arrives at nine o’clock

38. We do not go to school . . .Sundays.

a. On

b. At

c. In

d. Under

39. The box . . . on the table.

a. Is

b. It

c. Are

d. It is

40. We are studying . . . the classroom.

a. Under

b. In

c. From

d. To

41. Do you like banana smoothie?

a. Yes, I am

b. Yes, I did

c. Yes, I do

d. Yes, I does

42. They are hungry. They want . . .

a. Eat

b. Eats

c. Eating

d. To eat

43. Sardiono . . . to read books.

a. Like

b. Likes

c. To like

d. Liking

44. Make this sentence into the negative form.

      Merinda watches TV every night.

a. Merinda is not watches TV every night

b. Merinda do not watch TV every night

c. Merinda does not watch TV every night

d. Merinda is not watching TV every night.

45. Make this sentence into the negative form.

       They have a new house.

a. They do not have a new house

b. They did not have a new house

c. They are not have a new house

d. They does not have a new house

46. He has finished . . . the book.

a. Reads

b. Reads to

c. Read

d. Reading

47. Does your brother like milk?

a. No, he don’t

b. No, he didn’t

c. No, he doesn’t

d. No, he isn’t

48. The headmaster . . . not in his office right now.

a. Is

b. Be

c. Are

d. Was

49. My sister and I bought fried chicken . . .

a. Tonight

b. Everyday

c. Tomorrow

d. Last night

50.. .. you a student? Yes I . . .

a. Is – Am

b. Are – Am

c. Are – Is

d. Am – Is

Sampai disini dulu contoh soal EBTANAS Bahasa Inggris yang bisa kami bagikan. Terimakasih banyak untuk kunjungannya, dan maaf jika ada kesalahan dalam penyampaian contoh soal kali ini. Sip ya sobat, semoga lancar UN mu nanti ya.

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