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Contoh Soal EBTANAS Bahasa Inggris SMP 1986 Seri 10


Halo sobat, apa kabarnya nih? Bagaimana persiapan UN mu? Mudah mudahan kamu sudah semakin mantap ya persiapannya. Nah untuk membantu persiapanmu menghadapi Ujian Nasional SMP, kali ini kami akan membagikan contoh soal EBTANAS Bahasa Inggris SMP seri yang terakhir yaitu seri ke 10. Silahkan gunakan latihan soal dibawah ini untuk memperkuat ingatanmu seputar materi yang diperkirakan akan muncul dalam ujian nasional kelak. Jangan lupa buka juga contoh soal EBTANAS seri lainnya ya. – Bigbanktheories.com

Contoh Soal EBTANAS Bahasa Inggris SMP 1986 Seri 10
Soal EBTANAS Bahasa Inggris SMP Seri 10

Contoh Soal EBTANAS Bahasa Inggris SMP

Read the text carefully.

Recount Text Dalam Soal EBTANAS SMP
Teks Recount Tentang Fell Into A Well

Pilihlah jawaban yang paling tepat!

1. Farizal’s brother was . . .

a. At the market

b. Helping a neighbor

c. Down the well

d. In the house

2. Farizal’s mother was . . .

a. Helped a neighbor

b. Helping somebody

c. At the market

d. In the house

3. Farizal called his brother because . . .

a. He could not get into the well

b. He hurt his leg

c. He was angry

d. He wanted to get out of the well

4. Farizal was . . .

a. Older than Pirman

b. Older than Pirman’s father

c. Not yet ten years old

d. as old his brother

5. The depth of the well was . . .

a. Unknown

b. Five feet

c. Three feet

d. Four feet

6.. .. were in the classroom last Friday.

a. It

b. I

c. They

d. She

7. Arpian has a pencil . . . colour is red.

a. His

b. Her

c. Its

d. It’s

8. Is the girl your sister? We met . . . yesterday.

a. Them

b. Him

c. Her

d. Us

9. I need a pen to write a letter. Give it to . . .

a. I

b. Mine

c. My

d. Me

10. Our books are on the table. But . . . are in the cabinet.

a. They

b. Them

c. Their

d. Theirs

11. Your cat ate two . . . up last night.

a. Mice

b. Mouse

c. Mouse’s

d. Mouses

12. There are five . . . in my house.

a. Woman

b. Women

c. Womans

d. Womens

13. In the field we can find a lot of . . .

a. Sheep

b. Sheeps

c. Sheep’s

d. A sheep

14.. .. did they go to Padang last month?

a. Which

b. How

c. Where

d. Who

15.. .. is her name?

a. Who

b. Which

c. What

d. How

16.. .. did she fail her examination?

a. Whose

b. Which

c. Why

d. What

17.. .. is he going to next week?

a. Where

b. What

c. Which

d. Whose

18.. .. studied abroad in 2009?

a. Who

b. Where

c. Why

d. When

19. He is a rich man. He has . . . money.

a. Much

b. Many

c. Little

d. Few

20. There are . . . people in front of my house.

a. Much

b. Many

c. A little

d. Any

21.. .. you take a seat, please?

a. Would

b. Must

c. May

d. Can

22. You . . . study hard to pass your examination.

a. Can

b. Will

c. May

d. Should

23.. .. hours did Pindo help Darto?

a. How much

b. How often

c. How does

d. How many

24.. .. did Gouku call his brother?

a. How many

b. How often

c. How old

d. How much

25.Close the door, please!

      The negative form is . . .

a. Not to close the door, please!

b. Don’t close the door, please!

c. No close the door, please!

d. Doesn’t close the door, please!

26. Darto thanked his friends and . . . his brother.

a. So did

b. So does

c. So do

d. So is

27. His father was not at home and his mother . . . either.

a. Is not

b. Is

c. Was not

d. Was

28. His father did not know that Farizal fell down the well and . . . did Pirman.

a. Neither

b. Either

c. So

d. Too

29. Farizal was twelve years old. Pirman was ten years old. This means . . .

a. Pirman was older than Farizal

b. Farizal was as old as Pirman

c. Farizal was younger than Pirman

d. Farizal was older than Pirman

30. Giando was strong. His friend was also strong. This means . . .

a. Giando was not strong as his friend

b. Giando was stronger than his friend

c. His friend was less strong than Giando

d. His friend was as strong as Giando

31. He listened to . . .

a. What I said

b. What I say

c. What I says

d. What I have

32. Dirgo did not know . . . .

a. Joko is at home

b. Joko was at home

c. Joko were at home

d. Joko at home was

33. Mamun . . . eight years old next year.

a. Are

b. Will be

c. Be

d. Were

34. If I . . . late, will you wait for me?

a. Will be

b. Am

c. Was

d. Have been

35. Tiko ran . . . the house to help Gio.

a. Out from

b. Outside

c. Out off

d. Out of

36. I am a clever student, . . ?

a. Aren’t I

b. Am not I

c. Don’t I

d. Do I

37. You and I will come here again, . . ?

a. Won’t we

b. Won’t you

c. Won’t I

d. Won’t they

38. Everybody listened to the teacher . . .?

a. Didn’t she

b. Didn’t we

c. Didn’t they

d. Didn’t he

39. We are going to . . . SMA students.

a. Be

b. Being

c. Been

d. To be

40. Farizal has just . . . down into a well near his house.

a. Falls

b. Fell

c. Fall

d. Fallen

41. Let us . . . him now.

a. Helping

b. Help

c. Helped

d. To help

42. His father . . . home just now.

a. Left

b. To leave

c. Leave

d. Leaving

43. Farizal has been . . . for help for more than one hour.

a. Wait

b. Waiting

c. Waited

d. Waits

44. Pirman . . . a novel when Farizal fell down.

a. Was reading

b. Reasing

c. Reads

d. Read

45. He. . . Physics twice a week.

a. Studying

b. Studies

c. Study

d. Studied

46. My mother was cooking in the kitchen while father . . . a newspaper.

a. Reads

b. Has read

c. Was reading

d. Was going to read

47. I have a new book. . . . book is on the table.

a. A

b. An

c. These

d. The

48. The students went home . . . hour ago.

a. A

b. An

c. The

d. That

49. Turn . . . the TV. I want to watch the soccer match.

a. Out

b. Off

c. In

d. On

50. Miss Kerlin is . . . We like her very much.

a. A woman good

b. A good woman

c.  A woman which good

d. Good of woman

Selesai juga akhirnya serial kumpulan soal EBTANAS Bahasa Inggris SMP ini. Mudah mudahan dengan beberapa seri contoh soal yang telah kami sediakan bisa berguna bagi sobat pengunjung semua ya. Tetap semangat belajar sobat, dan jangan lupa untuk terus mengikuti update artikel terbaru di website kami. Tim bigbanktheories.com sesekali akan mengadakan kuis berhadiah buat pengunjung semua, so.. jangan sampai ketinggalan ya.



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