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Contoh Pidato Bahasa Inggris Singkat Tentang Global Warming


Sebagai syarat ujian praktek Bahasa Inggris di sekolah, biasanya kita diminta untuk menampilkan sebuah pidato Bahasa Inggris. Yang jadi masalah adalah tidak semua siswa mengerti cara membuat sebuah teks pidato. Banyak faktor yang menyebabkan hal ini, misalnya saja siswa merasa tidak mampu merangkai kata kata, atau juga siswa mengalami kebingungan tentang tema apa yang harus di bahas, dan kebanyakan dari pelajar juga merasa belum tau bagaimana urutan membuat sebuah naskah pidato.

Untuk itulah kami berniat membagikan beberapa contoh Pidato Bahasa Inggris singkat. Melalui contoh yang kami bagikan ini, kami harap sobat dapat mempelajari bagaimana caranya membuat dan menyusun sebuah teks pidato.

Contoh pidato Bahasa Inggris singkat yang akan kami bagikan kali ini adalah sebuah pidato dengan tema lingkungan, atau lebih tepatnya mengenai isu Global Warming atau pemanasan global. Tema ini merupakan salah satu tema favorit untuk sebuah pidato Bahasa Inggris, karena isu global warming masih menjadi perdebatan panjang hingga saat ini. Tentunya jika kamu mempresentasikan sebuah tema favorit, kamu akan lebih mudah dimengerti oleh para pendengarmu. Oke sobat, selamat membaca. – Bigbanktheories.com

Contoh Pidato Bahasa Inggris
Global Warming

Contoh Pidato Bahasa Inggris Singkat

Global Warming

Assalamualaikum Wr.Wb

The honourable Mr. Marjuki, The honourable Mr.Markiboh and Mrs.Maemunah and also my lovely friend in this room.

Firstly, I would like to thank God and our prophet Muhammad SAW who give us healthy and wealthy and bring us from the dark life to the bright life like this morning.

Okey, before I start, I want to introduce myself to all of you, my name is Paijo Kino, I’m from class XII, and I stand here to deliver my speech about global warming.

Ladies and Gentleman,

I want to ask you, do you know about global warming? Yes, of course. Global warming is so familiar to us, especially today. But let me give you a quick explanation about it. Global warming is the increase in average temperature of the earth’s surface and the oceans since the mid-twentieth century and is continue up to today.

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But, why do we have to worry about this small changes of earth’s temperature? It turns out that this small changes of temperature was not a temporary condition. It stay that way for a long period of time. Every day this condition result in a small changes which accumulated to be a massive changes that has enormous impact to the world.

You may have noticed from some news on TV that the iceberg in the north pole slowly melted and turn into sea water. You may say that it is just water, and a small amount of it. But imagine if this condition happen everyday, just wait until the whole area of north pole is melted, and the water will be enough to drown an island, or even bigger.

Ladies and Gentleman,

Many political and public debate continues regarding the appropriate response towards the global warming. In the future it is likely that rising temperature will lead to more frequent of heat waves. Moreover global warming will last thousands of years. To gain an understanding about this matters, over the last five years, more than six hundreds scientists from intergovernmental panel on climate change sifted through thousands of studies about global warming, how to prevent it, and how to put an end to it. Far from being some future fear, global warming is happening now, and the scientist have some evidence which tell us that we took part of its initiation.

The global warming is actually cause of some of our daily activities which produce a huge amount of carbon dioxide, chloro-fluoro carbon, methane, nitrous oxides, and any gasses considered to be green house gasses which create a green house effect. This green house gasses will then trap the heat and light from our environment and sun, which eventually raise the temperature on earth’s surface.

The rate of warming in the last 50 years was doubled than the rate observed over the last hundred years. The temperature are certain to go up further. Many response appear to global warming, the broad agreement among climate scientists that global warming temperatures will continue to increase has led some nations, states, corporations and individuals to act.

Ladies and Gentleman,

There are many effect of global warming, one of them is the increasing of global temperature will cause sea levels to rise. In the face of higher sea levels and more intense storms, coastal communities face greater risk of rapid beach erosion and damage from destructive storm.

Beside that, the other effect from global warming and green house effect on both the natural environment and human life are water scarcity in some regions, changes in mountain snowpack, and adverse healthy effect from warmer temperatures.

Ladies and Gentleman,

This problem has become everyone’s concern. Starting from scientist, scholar, politician and a lot of public figure such as movie stars, famous singer, and of course the world’s leader. Recently, a famous actor, Leonardo DiCaprio has been choosen as the representatives of the United Nation to have a meeting with all world’s leader around the world to discuss about global warming. It show us that, global warming is not your problem or my problem, but it is our problem, and only by standing together that we can solve this problem.

I think that’s all from me. I am sorry if I make some mistakes during my speech. I hope my speech will be useful for all of us, and remember, always take care of our environtment, let’s prevent global warming from getting bigger and worse. Thank you very much for your attention. Wassalamualaikum Warrahmatulahi Wabarakatuh.

Itulah tadi sobat sebuah contoh pidato Bahasa Inggris singkat yang lengkap dengan susunan atau bagian bagiannya, mulai dari salam pembuka, isi, hingga salam penutup. Mudah mudahan contoh pidato yang kami bagikan kali ini bermanfaat bagimu ya, dan jika memang kamu menggunakan nya untuk ujian praktek Bahasa Inggris di sekolah, kami doakan sobat semua mendapat nilai yang baik. Terimakasih kunjungannya, sampai jumpa lagi.

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