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Contoh Narrative Text Klasik Cinderella Dan Terjemahannya


Contoh narrative text kali ini akan menampilkan cerita Cinderella dalam Bahasa Inggris. Siapa yang tidak kenal dengan kisah klasik tentang Cinderella? Sangat jarang mungkin ya, karena dari masa ke masa contoh narrative text Bahasa Inggris dalam bentuk dongeng romantis tentang seorang putri yang bertemu pangeran pujaan melalui sebuah malam ajaib ini berulang kali dikemas dalam bentuk film animasi dan juga buku cerita yang selalu bisa dinikmati oleh berbagai orang dari berbagai usia. Inilah yang kemudian menjadikannya salah satu teks naratif terbaik sepanjang masa.

Dalam artikel kali ini kami ingin menghadirkan kembali contoh narrative text Bahasa Inggris tentang Cinderella yang selama ini selalu menjadi pilihan cerita favorit bagi begitu banyak orang. Nah, untuk sobat yang kangen atau mungkin sudah agak sedikit lupa tentang jalan cerita Cinderella, kami harap artikel kali ini bisa menyembuhkan kerinduanmu dengan dongeng indah masa kecilmu dulu. Dan untuk sobat yang memang sedang mencari contoh narrative text Bahasa Inggris singkat beserta terjemahannya, simaklah cerita klasik berikut ini. – Bigbanktheories.com

Contoh Narrative Text Singkat
Narrative Text Cinderella Pendek

Contoh Narrative Text Cinderella

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful girl named Ella. She lived in a big house with her father The rich merchant. Her father, Charles, has become a widower since his wife passed away for an uncurable fever years ago. Unable to live and managed everything by himself, Charles decided to remarried with a middle age widow named Lady Tremaine who already has two daughter, Anastasia and Drizella.

At the begining of their marriage, Lady Tremaine was so kind to Ella and her father. She would cook a decent meal for the family day and night, make the bed for her husband, and even help Ella to comb her hair. But, it was not for a long time. It turned out that Lady Tremaine and her daughter was a wicked con man with a plan to claim the wealth of Ella’s father. She poured certain amount of poison into Ella’s father meal everyday, an amount that would kill him slowly, so that no one would suspected that it was a murder.

After a couple of month of illness, Ella’s father passed away, leaving her as the only rightful heir of all his treasure, including the house. Knowing this, Lady tremaine was so mad that she threw Ella into the basement and made her worked as the house maid. Lady Tremaine and her daughter treated Ella badly and made her to work all day long. “Ella! Clean the floor!” Lady Tremaine shouted at Ella, “Yes, mother” said Ella gently.

That was how Ella have to go throughout the day after her father passed away, sometimes before she even finished one work, her step sisters already give her another command such as “Ella, wash my shoes!”, “Ella, I’m hungry, get me some food!”. Having too many commands sometimes made Ella unable to do the job perfectly, and that will lead her into a cruel punishment such as stay outside the house in a storm or sleep next to the chimney. But Ella never try to fight back, because deep down in her heart, she love her step mother and sisters.

“Ella, come here!” said Anastasia.

“Yes sister, I’m coming.” Ella replied.

“Eeuuw, what smell is this!” said Drizella.

“hmmph, have you ever clean your self, maid?” said Anastasia to Ella.

“I’m so sorry sister, I was sleeping next to the chimney last night, just like you told me to” said Ella.

“Aa..aa.aa, Stop explaining! Go get my dress right now! And don’t let it touch your body, I don’t want to smell like cinder” said Drizella.

“Come on quick! Go.. Go! And don’t forget to have yourself cleaned, you really smelled like cinder Ella, no one will stand it around you” said Anastasia.

“What are you waiting for, move your body and bring my dress here, you Cinder Ella, hahaha” said Drizella

“Yes sister, i will get it now” said Ella

“That’s actually a good name sister, you brilliant, let’s just call her Cinder Ella hahaha” said Anastasia to Drizella.

“Hahaha, that’s right sister, let’s just call her Cinderella, hahaha” said Drizella.

And so that’s how Ella got her new nick name “Cinderella”. Everyday, not only abused physically Cinderella also got abused verbally. She can only cried, next to the chimney, and told her sad feelings to the mouse in the basement who became her only friend.

One morning, there was knocked on the door. Cinderella opened the door, and there was a messenger from the kingdom bringing an invitation to all young ladies in the land to join a royal ball tonight, as the Prince is planning to choose a wife. The two stepsisters was so happy to get this invitation as they always dreamed of becoming the Queen one day. But secretly Cinderella had the same dream too.

“Sister, can I go with you to the Royal Ball tonight?” ask Cinderella

“Yes, sure you can go with us, as the horse keeper, because you smell like it, hahaha” said Anastasia.

“haha, yes you can go, in your dream, hahaha” said Drizella.

Cinderella could only cried as she watched the two stepsisters leave on their horse cart.

“Uhuu..uhuuu..uhuuu, why can’t I be happy” said Cinderella.

“Hmm, don’t think like that my child” suddenly a magical voice appear in the room out of nowhere.

Cinderella shocked, and she said “Who are you?”

Suddenly a Fairy Godmother appeared in the room with a magical wand in her hand.

“I’m a fairy god mother” she said “I know you are a good girl, so I will help you to attend the royal ball tonight” she explained.

“But, I don’t have a good dress and I haven’t take a bath for two weeks, I smell like cinder” said Cinderella to the Fairy Godmother.

“Let me fix it” said the fairy “Zoom.. zoom” she swung her wand a couple times towards Cinderella. In a blink of eye, Cinderella turn into a beautiful lady wearing a nice gown full of glitter, she also smells nice just like jasmine mixed with olive oil.

“Oh my God.. this is so beautiful, thank you fairy godmother” said Cinderella expressing her gratitude.

“aa..aaa..aa, I’m not done yet, for the final touch I give you a pair of glass slippers” said the fairy godmother.

“Oh my God, I don’t know what to say” said Cinderella.

“Oh, don’t think about it. You don’t have to say anything to me” said the fairy godmother. “But you have to remember, my magic will only last until mid night, so before that, make sure you have returned home, because all of this will dissapear, except the glass slipper, you can keep it for you” she said to warn Cinderella.

“Okey fairy godmother, I will remember that” said Cinderella.

“Now, let’s get out of this house, I will make you a cart from a pumpkin and some horses from your mouse friend” said the fairy godmother.

Cinderella step out the house and get on the horse cart and departed to the Royal ball.

When she arrived at the royal ball, all people in the room was amazed by her beauty, the orchestra player even stopped and forgot to keep playing the music when they saw Cinderella. The prince who hadn’t seen Cinderella yet because she was coming from the back side of the Prince, get annoyed when the room suddenly become so quiet, he was just about to be mad at the musician when he turned his back and yelled “Why did you stop pla….” and he couldn’t continue his word, when his eyes was caught by the pretty face of Cinderella. He just walked towards her right away.

“May I have the honour to dance with you?” ask the prince to Cinderella.

“Me? I.. emm.. mean, Yes, I guess” said Cinderella hesitantly.

The music continue playing and people in the ball room start dancing again. Cinderella and the Prince dance together for hours without saying anything, they just smile and watch each other eyes without blinking, as if they’ve missed each other for years. But Cinderella forgot one thing, it was about mid night.

“Would you like to walk with me to the park?” ask the prince

“Yes sure” said Cinderella.

They walked to the park, just the two of them.

“Where are you come from?” ask the prince “and may I know your name?” he said.

“Umm.. my name is..” Cinderella stopped talking when she heard the clock’s bell ringing as the sign that it was already midnight. “I’m sorry, but I have to go” she said before she run away from the palace, leaving the prince alone in the park.

“Hey, wait! Tell me your name” the prince shouted.

Cinderella run as fast as she can, she didn’t look back. She kept running while all the magic start disappearing. Unfortunately at the pallace gate, she tripped, and she lose her right slippers. Having no time to search for it, she continue running until she arrived at home.

“Huft.. aah, I’m home. I’ so happy tonight, this is the best day in my life” said Cinderella.

Not so long after Cinderella arrived at her house, her step sisters and her step mother also arrive at the house. All of them were talking about what happened in the ball room that night, and they also talked about the news that the prince is looking for the girl that he met at the Royal Ball, and that the prince will marry the girl whose foot fitted the glass slippers that he found at the palace gate.

Next day, the prince and his guard search to every house in the land, asking every young woman to try to put on the slippers, but no match were found. At last they arrive at Cinderella house. Lady Tremaine welcomed them and ask her daughters to try on the slippers, none of them fit the slippers.

“Is there any other woman in this house?” ask the guard.

“No, there isn’t, just us” said Lady Tremaine.

“Okey then, let’s go” said the Prince

Suddenly, the guard heard a noise from the basement, just like someone is trying to turn on the fire in the chimney.

“I thought you said there is no other person in this house” said the guard.

“Owh, it’s nobody, it’s just our stupid house maid who make all that noise, I’m so sorry, let me handle it for a second” said Lady Tremaine.

“No!” said the Prince “I will check it out myself” he said.

They all walked to the basement and found a girl covered in dust and cinder. She was surprised to see the prince and his guard in front of her.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to make a noise, it’s just the chimney won’t work” said Cinderella.

“It’s okey” said the Prince “I just want you to try this glass slipper” he said.

“I think I shouldn’t” said Cinderella, “It won’t fit in my foot anyway” she said.

“I insist” said the prince “I put this on to you myself if I have to” he said.

“No, please. I will put it on myself” said Cinderella.

As we can all guess, the glass slipper fit just fine on Cinderella foot. Without saying anything, Cinderella grab something from her pocket, and it was the other part of the slipper, she put the pair of the slippers on.

“Oh my god, it’s you!” said the Prince happily.

“Yes my prince, I was the girl that you met last night. My name is Cinderella” said Cinderella.

“Cinderella, what a beautiful name, just as beautiful as the person” said the Prince “Will you marry me Cinderella?” ask the Prince.

“Yes, I will” said Cinderella with a big smile on her face.

Finally, Cinderella and the Prince got married and become the next King and Queen in the kingdom. Cinderella forgave her step mother and step sisters and take them to live in the pallace with her. And they all live happily ever after. The end.

Daftar Kata Sulit Dalam Teks Cinderella (Difficult Word List From The Cinderella Story)

Merchant = Saudagar

Widower = Duda

Remarried = Menikah lagi

Make the bed = Merapikan tempat tidur

Con man = Penipu

Wicked = Jahat

Rightful = Syah

Heir = Pewaris

Chimney = Cerobong asap

Cinder = Abu

Abused = Disiksa

Royal ball = Pesta dansa kerajaan

Fairy godmother = Ibu peri

Wand = Tongkat sihir

Itulah tadi sobat sebuah contoh narrative text pendek yang mengisahkan cerita tentang Cinderella. Semoga contoh text Bahasa Inggris yang kami bagikan kali ini bisa bermanfaat bagimu, dan semoga kamu menyukainya. Jika sobat masih kesulitan dalam memahami jalur cerita di atas, kami juga menyediakan terjemahan narrative text pendek Cinderella.

Cerita di atas tentunya bukan merupakan cerita asli karangan kami, namun merupakan pengembangan cerita dari sebuah dongeng terkenal berjudul Cinderella yang tercatat sebagai karangan dari seorang penulis asal Perancis bernama Charles Perrault yang kemudian dikemas lagi oleh Brothers Grimm hingga menjadi makin terkenal. Mari kita bersama tetap mengenang dan mengapresiasi karya mereka. Terimakasih banyak atas kunjungannya hari ini, sampai jumpa lagi dalam artikel lainnya.


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