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50 Contoh Report Text Singkat Tentang Hewan Beserta Artinya


Contoh report text singkat tentang hewan hingga saat ini masih menjadi trend pencarian favorit bagi sebagian besar pelajar di tingkat SMP. Alasannya sederhana saja, karena hewan peliharaan ataupun hewan ternak dan hewan liar merupakan sumber pembahasan yang sudah kita kenal baik sejak kita masih kecil, sehingga untuk mengemasnya kedalam sebuah contoh Report Text Bahasa Inggris akan terasa lebih mudah. Dalam artikel kali ini kami ingin ikut serta menyediakan 50 contoh Report Text singkat terbaru yang bisa sobat jadikan panduan untuk mengembangkan karanganmu sendiri atau bisa juga digunakan sebagai teks rujukan dalam sebuah soal reading comprehension Bahasa Inggris.

Contoh report text tentang hewan beserta artinya kali ini akan membahas 50 jenis hewan yang berasal dari 3 habitat yaitu hewan darat, hewan air dan juga hewan yang bisa kita lihat di udara seperti burung dan juga kelelawar. Dengan begini, meskipun hanya terdiri dari 50 teks bacaan singkat dan artinya, namun kami berharap informasi yang kami sajikan sudah mencakup segala jenis hewan yang ada dan tinggal di berbagai lingkungan tersebut. Jika sobat merasa kumpulan report text yang kami sajikan masih belum lengkap, jangan ragu untuk mengirimkan request khusus kepada tim kami, misalnya saja jika kamu kebetulan adalah seorang kolektor kecebong dan ingin tau seperti apa jadinya jika hewan kecebong ini dikemas kedalam sebuah Report Text Bahasa Inggris, jangan ragu untuk menghubungi kami melalui kontak yang telah kami sediakan. Selamat membaca dan semoga kamu menyukai artikel kami kali ini. – Bigbanktheories.com

Report Text Bahasa Inggris Tentang Hewan
50 Contoh Report Text Singkat Tentang Hewan Beserta Artinya

Contoh Report Text Singkat Tentang Hewan

Contoh report text singkat tentang hewan yang kami tampilkan di bawah ini hanyalah berupa cuplikan saja. Jika sobat ingin tau konten lengkapnya, kamu bisa langsung mengunjungi masing masing artikel tersebut melalui link yang telah kami sediakan, namun jika kamu merasa informasi yang kami sajikan dalam kutipan di bawah ini sudah cukup, kamu bisa langsung melanjutkan ke tahap selanjutnya yaitu mencoba membuat karangan Report Text mu sendiri.


Cats or also known as the house cats have become one of the most popular humans companion since their domestication 9.500 years ago by the ancient Egypt. Most of them are furry. The common size of a cat is 25 cm in length and about 5 kg in weight. They are carnivorous mammal who love to hunt mouse, birds or lizard. Read more..


Rabbits are furry herbivorous mammals who have four legs, long ears, short tail and a divided upper lip. They can only be found in several parts of the world and most of them live in underground burrows. The common size of a rabbit is 20 to 50 cm with the average body weight of 2 kg. They spend most of their time sleeping in their dens for about 8 hours a day. Most of them can live up to 3 years in the wild. Read more..


Chicken is omnivorous animal and also the most popular domesticated fowl in the world. The female chicken is called “hen” and the male chicken is called “roosters”. Their meat and eggs are both a good source of food for humans. They can be found in any region in the world. Some people keep it as a pet, but most of them are kept as a livestock. Read more..


Dogs are omnivorous mammal. They are the descendant of wolves and also the first mammal ever to be domesticated. There are hundreds species of dogs in the world and each of them have their own unique characteristic starting from the size and weight when they are adult, color of the fur, shape of the head and also shape of the ear. Nowadays they are the most popular pet in the world. Read more..


Bears are wild animals. Some of them are carnivore, but there are some species that also consume plants and fruits. There are only eight species of bears remaining in the world and each of them can reach a different maximum body size when they are adult. They can swim, climb a tree and run well. Most of them can live up to 20 years. Read more..

6.Common House Gecko

Common House Gecko is a reptile originated from Southeast Asia. The name “House Gecko” is given to them because they mostly be seen sticking on the wall or on the ceiling of a house or another buildings. They have four legs and one long tail that they can lose when they are in danger. They can live up to five years and reach the size of 75 to 150 mm when they are adult. Read more..


Camels are desert animal that can only be found in certain places such as The Middle East, The Horn of Africa, Central Asia, Northwest China and Mongolia. There are only three species of camels left in the world. They are: Dromedary Camels (one-humped camel), Bactrian Camels (two-humped camel) and Wild Bactrian Camel which has a very limited population. Their legs are very long that they can reach the average height of 1,85 m when they are standing. Read more..


Dinosaur is ancient animals that consist of avian dinosaurs (birds form) and non-avian dinosaurs (all other dinosaurs). It is believed that they were first appeared 230 million years ago. They are already extinct, but we can still learn about them through their fossils. Some of them are herbivore and the rest are carnivore. Read more..


Elephants are four-legged herbivorous mammals with a very huge body. A full grown elephant can reach 3.3 meters in height and 6.4 meters in length, with the total body weight of 12.000 kilograms. They have a very long nose called “the trunk”. It can be used to breathe, to grasp object (food, flowers, etc), to suck and pour water, and also to do hand shake with humans. They can live up to 60 to 70 years. Read more..


Tiger is carnivorous mammal and they are considered to be the largest cat in the world. They are one of endangered animals in the world with the global population of 3,062 to 3,948 individuals only. They have a very unique dark vertical stripes pattern on their skin. Most tigers can live up to 20 years or more. Read more..


Hamsters are omnivorous mammals who eat seeds, fruits, root, vegetables and also some small animals such as insect and grasshopper. They are from the family of Cricetidae and their subfamily is Cricetinae. They are colorblind and they can only see something in a close distance. They have an elongated cheek pouches which allow them to carry some foods in their cheek. Read more..


Giraffe is one of endemic animal of Africa and also the tallest animal in the world. They can reach the height of 5 to 6 m (male) and 4,6 m (female). Their skin pattern is almost similar to leopard’s skin. The difference is that it has wider spot and the color is brown instead of black as on leopard’s skin. The shape of its head is similar to camel with two nostril in front of it and located right above its mouth. Read more..


Mouse-deer is a herbivorous mammals. They consume leaves, fruits, grass, and plants. They are from the family Tragulidae. They slightly look like a deer but the shape of the head resemble a rat’s head. In english they also known as Chevrotains, and in Indonesia some people call it Pelanduk. A full grown mouse-deer is as big as a rabbit. Read more..


Cockroaches are omnivorous insects of the order Blattodea who have six legs. They have been considered to be a pests by humans for a long time. They have more than 4.000 species in the world. They can survive in a various type of extreme environment. They can also survive for weeks by only consuming water. They can fly in a short range by using their foldable wings. Read more..


Spiders are eight-legged arthropods. They are carnivorous animal and they can also be a cannibal. There are more than 45.000 species of spiders in the world and they inhabited every continent except Antarctica. Some species of spiders have venomous bite which make them dangerous. Spiders can produce sticky web by using a gland called “the spinneret” in their body. They use the web as a nest and also as a trap for the prey. Read more..


Lion is the second-largest cat after the tiger. They are from the Felidae family and they are one of endangered carnivorous mammal. They live in a group and this group usually consists of 15 members. They have a muscular body with the maximum weight of 250 kg (male) and 185 kg (female). They have round ears, broad head, short neck, and a long tail. Read more..


The term “Monkey” refers to any kind of primate that is not prosimia or ape. There are 260 species of monkeys in the world. They have two ears on each side of the head, forward-facing eyes, two hands, two legs and a prehensile tail. Their body is fully covered by hair. Some color of the hair are: brown, white, yellow, gray and black. They are omnivorous, so they eat almost anything. Read more..


Orangutan is a species of great apes who have 96.4 % DNA similarities to human. They are native animal of Indonesia and Malaysia. They have two legs and two hands with four long fingers and a thumb on it. It gives them the ability to perform some activities like humans. They can reach the maximum body height of 1,5 m with the body weight around 50 to 100 kg when they are adult. Read more..


Penguin is a bird that cannot fly. They can swim well. They spend half of their time in the oceans and the other half on the land. There are 16 species of Penguin in the world and each species have different body size. The largest Penguin can reach the size of 1,1 m with the weight of 35 kg or more. Their head is similar to the head of a bird with a beak in front of it and eyes on each side of the head. Read more..


Rhinoceros or Rhino is an endangered herbivorous mammals with one or two horns located right above its nose. They have a large and muscular body with four short legs. Their head is big and their neck is short. An adult Rhino can reach the height of 1,8 m with approximate weight of 2.300 kg. Read more..


Snake is a legless carnivorous reptile with a very flexible body. There are 3.600 species of snakes in the world and all of them have different size and color. Some of them are venomous. The smallest snake can grow to the size of 10,4 cm and the largest snakes can reach the size of 12 m long. Their tongue is called the forked tongue and it is split into two. Read more..


Caterpillar is the larval stage of butterflies and moths. They belong to the order Lepidoptera. Their boneless body is very soft and they can fold it into any shape. They have a cylindrical body with the size ranged from 1 mm to 14 cm. There are five pairs of legs on it. Some of them can use camouflage to hide themselves from the eye of the predator. Read more..


Wolf is the ancestor of the domestic dog. They are carnivorous mammal. Their scientific name is Canis lupus. They have two layers fur, the top layers is dirt resistant and the second layer is water resistant. Some color of the fur are: white, gray, black, red and brown. An adult wolf can reach the size of 1,4 to 1,8 m from nose to tail with the body weight of 23 to 50 kg. Read more..


Zebras are herbivorous mammal with typical black and white stripes skin pattern who belong to the Equidae Family (horse family). This stripes is as unique as human fingerprint and it is different from one zebra to the other. There are three species of them in the world. An adult zebra can reach the length of 2,6 m and height 1,3 m with the body weight of 350 kg. Read more..


Panda is a species of bear originated from Central China. The color of the fur on their body are white and black, it is the most distinguishable things from them. They are omnivorous animal who consume bamboo and other grasses, wild tubers, rodents, birds, eggs, honey, fish, oranges and banana occassionally. They can grow to the size of 1,9 m long from nose to tail with the body weight of 160 kg. They can live up to 20 years in the wild and about 30 years in captivity. Read more..


Seals are semiaquatic marine mammals. They can stay in the water and also on the land. There are 33 species of seals in the world. Each of them will grow into different size and weight. The smallest seals can grow up to the size of 1 m and weight 45 kg, while the largest seal can have the maximum size of 5 m and weight 3.200 kg. They are carnivorous and their main diets are fish and marine invertebrates. They have two pairs of flippers that help them to swim in the water and to walk on the land. Read more..


Crocodiles are prehistoric reptiles who tend to live in a freshwater habitats. They are carnivorous and they consume fish, birds, other reptiles and mammals as their main diet. They have a rugged and thick skin. Their body is long and they have four legs on it. They also have a very long tail. The total length from their head to their tail is around 5 to 6 m. Read more..


Dolphins are carnivorous marine mammals. There are more than 40 species of them in the world. Their main diet are fish and squid. They have pectoral fins located on the left and right side of their body. They also have a dorsal fin located on top of their body. They breathe through a blowhole located on top of their head. Read more..


Frog is tailles amphibian with exceptional skill in jumping. There are more than 4.700 species of frogs in the world. They are one of animals that undergo a metamorphosis process in their life to become the adult version of themselves. They have a smooth and colorful skin that can be used as a respiratory organ. Read more..


Whales are the largest marine mammals. They are from the order Cetacea. Their body is similar to the body of a dolphin with a dorsal fin, tail and a blowhole. The main diet is varied among the species of whales, some of them are: microscopic plankton, fish, squid and other marine mammals. They have a layer of fat beneath their skin called as “blubber” which function as energy reservoir and insulation that keep their body warm. Read more..

31.Koi Fish

Koi fish is a species of carp fish with large and colorful scales. They are originated from Eastern Asia. Usually they have more than two color on their body such as white scales with black and orange spots or white scales with black and red spots. They can grow up to the size of 80 cm with the maximum weight of 14 kg. It is recorded that they can live up to 20 years. Mostly, they are kept by humans in an outdoor ponds to beautify the garden. Read more..


Fish are aquatic animals that contains a lot of good nutrient for humans body. They belong to the group of vertebrates. There are more than 30.000 species of fish in the world. They breathe by using a special organs known as “gills”. They consume various of food such as plants, worms, and sometimes another fish with smaller body. Read more..


Seahorse is a type of fish that swim upright with a head that resemble the head of a horse. There are 54 species of them in the world. Some of them can grow up to the size of 35,5 cm. They have bony armour around the body. They are the slowest-moving fish in the world with the maximum speed of 1,5 m per hour. Read more..


Octopus is a carnivorous invertebrate who has soft body and eight flexible arms. They belong to the order Octopoda and class Cephalopoda. They inhabited various regions of the ocean from the shallow water to the deep sea. They have a rounded body and bulging eyes on it. The largest species can grow to the size of 4,3 m with the weight of 15 kg. Their life span is around 3 to 5 years. Read more..


Jellyfish are marine invertebrates who have gelatinous body with the shape of an umbrella or a bell. There are around 200 species of jellyfish and most of them have roam the ocean for about 500 million years. They have some long, stinging and venomous tentacles on their body. They do not have brain or eyes. Read more..


Owls are nocturnal carnivorous birds who love to hunt by night. Their head is round and large with forward-facing eyes and ear holes. Their head can turn 180 degree around. Their beak is similar to hawk’s beak. Their special feathers allow them to fly undetected. The largest owl can grow to the size of 71 cm and weight of 4,2 kg. Read more..

37.Birds Of Paradise

The birds of paradise are a group of colorful birds of the family Paradisaeidae and order Passeriformes. Their beak can be blue, yellow, black and gray. The fur around their beak is either black or green. The color of the fur on their head to their back are also varied, it can be black, brown, blue or yellow. There are 42 species of them and they can be found in the tropical rainforests in Eastern Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and Eastern Australia. Read more..


Dragonfly is a carnivorous flying insect that belong to the order of Odonata. They start their live as an aquatic larva and live in freshwater for several years. Their body consist of head, thorax and abdomen. They have two pairs of transparent wings and three pairs of legs. Their wings cannot be folded and the hindwings are bigger than the forewings. Read more..


Eagle is the apex predators in the avian world with keen eyesight and powerful talons from the family of Accipitridae. There are around 60 species of eagle in the world. They love to hunt rat, squirrel, rabbits, chicken, fish, snake and sheep as their main diet. They have a large hooked beaks that they use to rip flesh of their prey. Read more..


Butterflies are the adult version of caterpillars that belong to the order Lepidoptera. They are one of  few animals that undergo a metamorphosis process in their live to became adult. There are around 18.500 species of butterfly in the world. Their body is divided into three sections, they are: the head, thorax, and abdomen. They have four wings and six legs. Read more..

41.Honey Bee

The name “Honey bee” refers to some species of bees who can produce honey and beeswax. There are seven species of honey bee in the world. In a colony of a honey bee, there are three castes of bee. They are: The Queen, Workers and Drones. Each of them has their own function in the colony. The largest species of bee can grow up to the size of 39 millimetres while the smallest species of bee can only reach the size of 2 millimetres. Read more..


Pigeon, also known as “Doves” are birds of the family Columbidae. The word “Doves” refer to the white version of the birds while the rest are called as “Pigeons”. Their average body size is 75 cm with 2 kg body weight. They exhibit various colors such as reddish, brown, gray, white and black. They have been domesticated and used in various occasion such as delivering letter, magic performance and many more since 10.000 years ago. Read more..


Mosquitoes are known to be a bloodsucking insect although some of them are not like that. They are from the family of Culicidae. About 2.700 species of mosquitoes are spread around the world. They require blood from other animal to fulfill the nutrient need during the eggs producing process. Their actual food are nectar and plant juices. They are able to produce up to 200 eggs during their 56 days of live. Read more..


Bats are flying mammal from the order of Chiroptera. They produce ultrasonic sound to guide them when they are flying. There are around 1.200 species of bats in the world and most of them live in a cave. They consume various kinds of diet such as nectar, pollen, fruit, insects and vertebrates. Their body can grow up to the size of 32 cm and they can live up to 30 years in the wild. Read more..


Fireflies or also known as Lightning Bugs are flying insects of the family Lampyridae. They have a unique ability to emit bioluminescence light by using an organ located on their abdomen. About 2.000 species of fireflies exist in this world and they inhabited tropical regions. They are known to be nocturnal animals. Read more..


Worms are legless animal that can be divided into several phyla. A lot of them are considered to be parasite and live inside the body of a host. The host can be other animal such as cow, pig, etc. or it can also be human. The size of the body range from microscopic to 58 m. Some worms such as earthworms live in underground burrows. Read more..


Sheep is the word that we use to address all species of genus Ovis. They are four-legged mammal with thick pelts known as “wool” that can be harvested regularly as resource in fabric production. Most of them are kept by humans as livestock and only a few of them are raised as pet. Some of their color are: White, dark brown and spotted. Read more..


Goats are herbivorous mammal of the family Bovidae. They are the close relatives of sheep. The population of goats around the world is more than 900 millions. They can grow up to the size of 1,4 m long with the height of 58 cm. Their body can weight as much as 120 kg. They have two horns on their head. Read more..

49.Betta Fish

Betta fish are aggressive and colorful freshwater fish of the family Osphronemidae. They are also known as The Siamese Fighting Fish as they are native to Mekong River that lies across Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand. Their body is small with the maximum size of 6,5 cm. They feed on zooplankton, larvae, mosquito and bloodworms. Read more..


Rayfish are carnivorous fish who have a large and flat body. They are also known as Ray or Stingray. There are more than 600 species of Rayfish in the world. Some of them live in freshwater but most of them live in the ocean. Their body is very elastic and their skeleton is made of a tough and elastic material called as cartilage. Most of them have venomous stingers on their tail. Read more..


Crickets are six-legged omnivorous insect with a unique ability to chirp by rubbing their hind wings. They are form the family Gryllidae with more than 900 species in the world. Their greatest population can be found in tropical area. Their body can grow up to the size of 5 cm. They have four walking legs and two jumping legs. Read more..


Flies are flying insects with more than 150.000 species in the world. They have small body with the size of 1 cm. Their body is divided into three tagma. Each tagma consists of several body parts. They are considered to be an agile flyer but they can only maintain the flight speed for a short time. Read more..


Hedgehogs are four-legged omnivorous mammal characterized by spines that grow around their body. They are from the family Erinaceidae and there are 17 species of them in the world. Their appearance is similar to Porcupine, but they are not related. They consume bird eggs, berries, frogs, grass roots, insects, melons and mushrooms as their diet. Their maximum weight is about 1 kg with the body size around 20 cm. Read more..


Deer are four-legged ruminant mammal characterized by branched and long antlers on their head. They have a slim body and long legs. They are from the family Cervidae and there are around 34 species of them in the world. Some of them can grow up to the size of 2,6 m with the body weight of 800 kg. Each species show different color of the coat, some of them are: brown with white spots, reddish brown, gray and dark brown. Read more..


Cows are herbivorous mammal of the family Bovidae. Their scientific name is Bos taurus. They are raised by humans as a livestock to fulfill the need of the people on their meat and milk. They have a large body with the size of 1,3 m in height and 2,6 m in length. Their average body weight can reach 1.100 kg. Most of them have two horns on their head but there are also a species of hornless cow in the world. Read more..


Platypus is a semiaquatic mammal of the family Omithorhynchidae. Their scientific name is Omithorhynchus anatinus. They can be found in Australia. They are carnivorous animal who feed on worms, insect larva and freshwater shrimp. Their beak looks like duck’s beak but a lot larger and without lower parts. Their body is similar to the body of a beaver. Read more..

Nah itulah tadi sobat 50 contoh report text singkat tentang hewan beserta artinya. Bagaimana menurutmu, semuanya menarik kan? Oke deh kalau begitu silahkan baca semua hingga selesai, jangan sampai ada yang terlewatkan ya. Oh ya, kedepannya kami akan terus melengkapi koleksi teks report dengan tema hewan ini sobat, jadi tetap terus kunjungi artikel ini ya supaya kamu tidak ketinggalan jika ada update terbaru dari kami. Terimakasih banyak sudah meluangkan waktumu untuk mengunjungi website kami hari ini, sampai ketemu lagi dan tetap semangat belajar ya.

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