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15 Contoh Descriptive Text Tentang Berbagai Benda Kesayangan


Halo sobat, jika kita perhatikan ternyata ada banyak sekali hal yang bisa kita deskripskan dengan kata kata. Salah satunya adalah benda kesayangan yang kita miliki di rumah. Jika kamu sedang ingin membuat sebuah deskripsi tentang barang favorit mu, 15 contoh descriptive text tentang benda kesayangan di bawah ini mungkin bisa membantumu dalam menyelesaian teks Bahasa Inggris yang sedang kamu buat. Silahkan kamu cari contoh mana yang sesuai untuk kamu jadikan perbandingan dalam tulisanmu.

Dengan menampilkan contoh descriptive text tentang beberapa benda kesayangan di bawah ini, kami sangat berharap bisa memberikan kemudahan bagi sobat yang sebenarnya ingin menuliskan deskripsi dari barang kesukaannya namun bingung hal apa saja yang harus disebutkan dalam descriptive text tersebut. Nah, jika sobat bisa menemukan contoh di bawah ini yang ternyata membahas benda yang sama pastinya akan sangat bermanfaat untuk dijadikan panduan. Misalnya saja sobat sedang ingin mendeskripsikan tentang sepatu kesayanganmu di rumah, eh kebetulan kami juga menyediakan contoh yang sama, dengan begini kamu akan mendapatkan ide, informasi apa saja yang akan kamu tampilkan nantinya. Sekarang, ayo kita lihat benda apa saja yang muncul dalam contoh descriptive text singkat kali ini. – Bigbanktheories.com

Kumpulan Contoh Descriptive Text Tentang Benda Kesayangan
15 Contoh Descriptive Text Tentang Benda Kesayangan

Berbagai Contoh Descriptive Text Tentang Benda Kesayangan

Agar tidak rancu, perlu kami tegaskan bahwa contoh descriptive text Bahasa Inggris yang akan kami tampilkan kali ini membahas tentang benda favorit atau benda kesayangan. Ini artinya semua hal yang akan kami buat description nya di bawah ini merupakan benda mati, jadi hewan kesayangan tidak termasuk di dalamnya. Disamping itu sobat perlu tau bahwa benda benda yang kami jadikan bahan pembahasan di bawah ini merupakan barang yang menurut kami mewakili benda kesayangan bagi kebanyakan orang, jika sobat tidak bisa menemukan contoh yang cocok, jangan ragu untuk memberikan request kepada tim kami untuk memunculkannya.

1.My Teddy Bear

My favorite doll is an original Teddy Bear from USA. I got it from my aunt. The size is about 150 centimeters tall and 50 centimeters wide. Sometimes I put it on my bed and use it as a pillow. The color is brown and it has dark brown eyes made of glass. There is a light brown ribbon encircling its neck. Read more..

2.My Favorite Acoustic Guitar

I got my first guitar from my mother when I was in Junior High School. It is made of mahogany wood. The quality of sound produced by this acoustic guitar is still as clear as it was, perhaps it is because the guitar apply a set of steel strings. The dominant color of the guitar is peach. Read more..

3.My Laptop

My father bought me a laptop in my first year of college. It is now considered to be an old style laptop, but it is still reliable. I can do a lot of things with it. The colour is black. It has two parts, the screen and the body. The screen size is 14 inch and its thickness is 0.8 centimeters. The thickness of the body is about 2.2 centimeters and it contains the CPU of the computer. Read more..

4.My Favorite Novel

My sister gave me a set of novels last year. The story is about a magical world and dragons. It consist of four novels, each of it contains 500 to 600 pages. The novels are wrapped with four different color leather (brown, light brown, yellow and red). The title of each book is written on the left side of the novels. Read more..

5.My Favorite Shoes

My favorite shoes is a basketball shoes (sometimes called as “jordan”). My father bought it for me in Solo three years ago. The color is black with two gray stripes on the side of the shoes. The sole is flat and the color is white. The shoes use white shoelace and two straps to bind its eyestay. Read more..

6.My Favorite Bag

My favorite backpack is very simple. I can bring almost anything with only one bag. It is made of cotton and the color is black. There are three pouch on it, each of it has its own zipper. One of the pouch is hidden and can only be accessed if I took off the bag of my back. Read more..

7.My Favorite Watch

I bought this watch from an online shop with my first salary as an English Club trainer. It is elegant and sporty. The colour is black and the shape is circle. The back cover is made of stainless steel and the strap is made of rubber. The digital screen can display various function of the watch. Read more..

8.Favorite Necklace

My sister has a favorite necklace that she wear all the time. It was the necklace that appear in a Korean Drama with the title 49 days. The necklace is called “The tears” as it represents the shape of the pendant hanging on the necklace chain. Read more..

9.My Favorite Pillow

I used to sleep all day long during the weekend. The best rest I can get is when I sleep on my bed with my favorite pillow. The pillow skin is made of cotton and the color is white. The content of the pillow is synthetic foam called Dacron. Read more..

10.My Favorite Jacket

I have a favorite jacket. It was a birthday present from my sister. It is a hoodie with a long zipper in the center of it. The dominant color of the jacket is gray. The color of the hood and the sleeves are black. There is a very special wise word printed on it. Read more..

11.My Favorite Wallet

My sister gave me a wallet four years ago. It is still in a good condition now. It is about 21 centimeters long. It is made of synthetic leather and the color is black. There are three layers of storage that we can use to keep some important cards and money. We can also put a photo of our family in it. Read more..

12.My Favorite T-Shirt

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My favorite T-shirt is the one that I bought with the money that I got from a Scrabble competition in Senior High School. It is made of cotton and the color is yellow. There is a picture of a microphone on the front side of it. I like to wear it because it is very comfy. Read more..

13.My Onthel Bicycle

I am a member of an old bike community called Onthel Lover. Last year, I bought an old Onthel bicycle from my friend. Most part of it was rusty because it is made of iron. I clean every part of it and painted it in green. There are two seats available on it, the driver’s seat and the passenger’s seat. Read more..

14.My Motorcycle

When I was in Senior High School, my father bought me a motorcycle. The type of my motorcycle is underbones. The dominant color is red. It has spoke wheels rim and standard tire. I replace some part of the motorcycle with the new one such as the rearview mirror and the shock absorber. I also did a little modification to its seat. Read more..

15.My Car

I wanted to buy a car like the one I saw in a movie five years ago. But the price is very expensive. Finally I bought a different car but has the similar look with my dream car and with a cheaper price. It is a city car. The color is blue with three black stripes on the roof and the hood. Read more..

16.My Favorite Phone

I have a favorite phone and the color is black. I bought it last year at the official store in my town. It is very sophisticated and reliable because it has 3 GB RAM and 32 GB Internal Memory. The phone also has a strong battery. The size is not too large, I can hold it by using one hand. It has two cameras located on the back side and on the front side. Read more..

17.My Favorite Hijab

One of my hijab that I like the most is the one that my friend from Japan gave me. I wear it every day because it is very comfortable and the design is beautiful. It is made of a material known as “maxmara”. This material is silky, shiny, light and soft. The design took the color of rainbow with the additional of flying crane image around it. Read more..

18.My Favorite Necktie

I got a tie from my father last year. It is my favorite tie. I always wear it whenever I want to go to some important event such as dinner with client and wedding party. It is thick and it is made of shiny fabric called sateen. The size is around 5 cm. I can make Windsor knot easily with this tie. Red and dark blue stripes are applied on the tie. The color makes it to be suitable with various shirt color. Read more..

19.My Special Keychain

My favorite keychain is the one that I got from my friend last year. The icon hanging on it is my favorite superhero, the flash. The color is mostly red, but there are also some part of the keychain painted in yellow such as the shoes of the flash and the lightning icon on the chest of the character. It is made of metal and the color of the back side is black. Read more..

20.My Favorite Paintings

My favorite paintings is the one that I placed on the wall of my bedroom. It is 20 x 25 cm pencil-drawings of my face made by my sister. She made it two years ago by using pencils and a paper of drawing book. The image in the paintings look like my real appearance. There is her signature on the painting. Read more..

21.My Favorite Night Lamp

The night lamp that I like is the one that I bought from an online shop a week ago. The size is not big and the shape of the bulbs are like mushroom. There are three bulbs with three different colors on it, the colors are: pink, blue and yellow. It can also show a color transition when it is switched on. Read more..

22.My Favorite Blanket

My favorite blanket is the one the I got from my friend. It is made of fleece and the size is 150 x 200 cm. The color is blue with a large red car image on it. The blanket is compact and very soft. I use it every night because it is very comfortable and it keeps me warm at night. Read more..

23.My Precious Collection

I have a rare ancient coin. My grandfather gave it to me when I was ten years old. The size is about 2,5 cm. The coin was from year 1913. There is a Liberty Head on one side and there is a “V” letter on the other side of the coin. The name of the country “United States Of America” is also printed on the coin encircling the “V” letter. Read more..

24.My Favorite Glasses

I have a favorite glasses that I use when I want to hang out. I bought it a year ago in Padang. It is a round glasses with black plastic frame. It is similar to my sister’s new glasses. The color of the temple is dark brown and it is also made of plastic with the size of 0.7 cm. The tip or the earpiece is wrapped with black rubber. Read more..

25.Semar Puppet

Semar puppet is considered to be a prominent character in Javanese leather puppets. It is described as an old man with flat nose, bulging belly, short legs and tired eye. It is made of water buffalo leather and the size is around 50 to 60 cm. The hands of the puppet is movable. A stick is glued to it that allow us to control the movement. Read more..

Oke deh sobat itulah tadi 15 contoh descriptive text tentang berbagai benda kesayangan yang bisa kami sajikan. Setelah kamu baca artikel lengkapnya, bagaimana menurutmu, apakah teks deskriptif Bahasa Inggris yang kami sajikan bisa dimengerti dengan mudah? Kami harap begitu ya. Oh ya sobat, seandainya kamu masih membutuhkan contoh descriptive text dengan tema yang berbeda dari yang kami sajikan kali ini, mungkin kamu harus mengunjungi artikel kami yang berjudul Contoh Descriptive Text Tentang Pemain Sepak Bola Terganteng. Kami rasa sobat akan menyukai nya. Kamu juga bisa membaca artikel terbaru kami lho yang berjudul Arti Kata Enough dan Berbagai Macam Pola Penggunaannya. Sekarang kami pamit dulu, terimakasih banyak atas kunjungannya hari ini, sampai jumpa lagi dalam teks bacaan menarik lainnya.

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