Contoh Kalimat Kombinasi Noun Dengan Preposition

Kombinasi noun dengan preposition merupakan salah satu jenis dari preposition combinations dalam Bahasa Inggris. Dalam kesempatan kali ini kita akan mengamati beberapa contoh penggunaan kombinasi noun dengan preposition dalam kalimat. Ini merupakan suatu hal yang penting untuk kita lakukan karena seperti yang telah kita pelajari dalam artikel tentang preposition combinations bahwa berbagai bentuk kombinasi preposition dengan part of speech lain seperti noun, adjective dan juga verb merupakan contoh contoh yang secara alami telah muncul dan digunakan oleh native speaker Bahasa Inggris.

Sehingga bisa dikatakan bahwa sampai saat ini tidak ada aturan khusus mengapa kosakata tersebut bisa bergabung dan membentuk sebuah preposition combinations. Oleh karena itu, yang bisa kita lakukan adalah mempelajari sebanyak banyaknya contoh kombinasi preposition yang bisa kita temui. –

Jenis Preposition Combinations Dengan Pola Noun + Preposition

Contoh Kalimat Kombinasi Noun Dengan Preposition

Contoh Kalimat Kombinasi Noun + Preposition

Berikut ini kami tampilkan beberapa contoh kalimat yang mengandung kombinasi noun dengan preposition yang umum digunakan. Silahkan diperhatikan.

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Addiction to

My wife addiction to instant noodle is a serious problem.

Advantage of

The minister of foreign affairs has the advantage of speaking multi language fluently.

Anxiety about

My anxiety about teaching make me failed the test.

Belief in

His belief in the religion was something he earned from experience.

Credit for

Cisco took credit for saving the girl.

Dedication to

His dedication to his research was impressive.

Delay in

The delay in flight schedule caused mass riot.

Disadvantage of

The disadvantage of keeping dog at home is the noise that it caused.

Experience in

Mr. Martin Stein has a great deal experience in teaching physics to children.

Expert at

Steve Jobs was an expert at computer programming.

Fear of

My sister has fear of darkness.

Habit of

Many people hate his habit of driving so fast.

Interest in

When you face a job interview you have to show your interest in the position you are applying.

Knowledge of

Mr. coulson has a very deep knowledge of managing a company.

Love of

Her love of dancing developed when she was a child.

Memory of

A photograph will help to keep the memory of our life.

Process of

The process of making birthday cake is not easy.

Reaction to

The team reaction to the announcement was hilarious.

Reason for

You have to explain your reason for making the decision.

Report on

Please submit your report on previous experiment.

Reputation for

Mr. Jack has a good reputation for swimming.

Responsibility for

You have a responsibility for completing your study.

Solution to

I am sorry, but I don’t have any solution to your problem.

Story about

Have you heard the story about the plane crash?

Talent for

Her talent for playing guitar was amazing.

Noun + Preposition List

Berikut ini kami tampilkan daftar preposition combinations dengan pola noun + preposition yang lebih lengkap:

access to, advantage of, admiration for, alternative to, attack on, attitude to/towards, authority on, association with

commend on, comparison between, connection between, contrast with, credit for, cruelty towards, characteristic of, cure for

decrease in, delay in, desire for, difference between/of, difficulty in/with, disadvantage of

effect on, exception to, expert on/at/in, experience in

hope for

increase in, influenc on, information about, intention of

knowledge of

lack of, link with

need for, notice of

opinion of/about

pleasure in, preference for, protection from

reaction to, reason for, recipe for, reduction in, relationship with, report on, responsibility for, result of, respect for, rise in, room for

solution to, smell of, sympathy for

tax on, taste of, threat to, trouble with

use of

victim of

Oke deh sobat, itulah beberapa contoh kalimat yang mengandung kombinasi noun dengan preposition dalam Bahasa Inggris. Dengan mengenal pola kalimat yang baru seperti ini, akan sangat berguna nantinya saat kamu ingin menulis dalam Bahasa Inggris, supaya kalimatmu tidak terkesan kaku dan monoton. Terimakasih untuk kunjungannya hari ini, semoga sobat bisa mengambil manfaat dari artikel yang sobat baca di website kami, jika ada kesalahan dan kekurangan dalam materi yang kami sampaikan kami minta maaf dan semoga bisa dimaklumi, sampai jumpa lagi di kesempatan lainnya.


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